Apple's employees sue: Do you think employees are being too nit picky?

  • They're over the line

    I think that Apple's employees do not really know how priviledged they are for working at such a magnificent company, and they should be thankful to be working in there instead of being so nit picky with their ridiculous demands and their absolutely unrealistic claims, which are just an excuse.

  • Yes, Apple's employees shouldn't sue the company.

    Yes, I believe that Apple's employees are being too nit picky. It seems as though they are making a claim that is difficult to prove; why would their employer actually forbid them from taking any kind of food breaks, particularly when creating and building new software, hardware, and other computer related products?

  • No,I think that employees in the Tech sector are mistreated

    The Apple employee lawsuit is just a small example of a larger problem. Tech companies think employees should stand for terrible work conditions and wages that are comparable to slave labor if you factor in the time spent at work. If a Walmart employee can sue for missing a break or meal period and win, then why cant someone with an office job?

  • No, bag checks save money

    If bag checks or clear bags at some retailers were not mandatory, there would most likely be a lot more theft by employees. Simply taking the time while everyone is leaving anyways to make sure no one has violated company standards is a very smart idea. This will rid the company of any nuisance of a generally bad employee, & in the long run save a company thousands, possibly millions.

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