Apple's first automatic security upgrade: Should Apple do more to protect its customers' data from hackers?

  • Apple should do more to protect its customers' data from hackers.

    For any company that handles the personal information of customers, security should be a top priority. Apple should do more to protect the sensitive information which customers may submit to their Internet services. In this way, Apple can both earn the trust of consumers and provide a better business service.

  • Apple Has A Responsibility

    Apple has an important responsibility to its users and customers to protect them as much as possible, even if it includes protecting them from themselves. The business reasons are important as well, as continued hacks will push people away from their products. Most importantly though, they must show their users that security is of crucial importance.

  • Yes, Apple should do more to protect its customers' data.

    Apple, like any major consumer-facing technology company, deals directly with huge amounts of personal, often sensitive data and media. As is the case with all such companies, it thus has a major responsibility to be careful stewards of this data, and should do everything it can to protect it. This is the least it can do given the faith placed in it by consumers.

  • well of course!

    Large company's like Apple should ALWAYS be prepared for hackers, no matter what. Even if there hadn't been an issue with them lately, they should be trying to protect information better. They have a lot of customers, and they have a lot of their customers information. We like our identities.

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