Apple's iPhone 6 finally on sale: Is getting it now worth the wait in line?

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  • Apple's iPhone isn't worth the wait in line

    The people lining up to purchase Apple's new iPhone 6 are wasting their time. As with any new device there are going to be problems. To spend that much time standing in line to purchase a new device that may or may not work as promised is foolhardy. It is better to use that time productively - maybe earn some extra money to be able to afford this new toy - and wait to see what troubles shake out in the rollout phase.

  • No, waiting in line for the Apple iPhone 6 isn't worth it

    No, it's not worth it to wake up early and stand in a long line just to be one of the first people to own the iPhone 6. The phone has many of the same features that earlier iPhones offer, and the iPhone 5 hasn't even been out for very long yet. It's silly to camp out in front of a store just for the chance to brag that you're one of the first people to own a phone that doesn't even have that many unique features.

  • line wait worth it

    No it is definitely not worth waiting in line to get it. Getting it a little bit sooner than what? People are acting so crazy over this new phone. They always have to have the latest and greatest in technology and it is definitely not worth it and important enough to wait in a long line.

  • No not at all

    I am an old school person I suppose. I like my phone, and I usually wait forever to get a newer more "awesome" phone. I mean really... I don't need that much crap. No one "needs" that much technology on a phone. Ok, maybe some people do, but I am a pretty tech savvy girl and I can do all that stuff on my laptop.

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