• Apple products are very sturdy

    I have not seen much about the new iWatch, but my past experience with Macbooks and iPods show that Apple products are really built to last. My Macbook lasted six years, and that is six years of being used almost every single day for an average of 4-5 hours. No PC can take that kind of ware. Of course, once an Apple product has an issue, it is expensive to repair. so there is always a down side.

  • IWatch built to last

    The Iwatch while the newest upcoming trend will be here to stay. Apple builds a solid high quality product and this will be no different. While a bit trite and odd, this will adorn the wrists of millions in the coming future. If you own Apple products you know the quality that is displayed.

  • They are high quality.

    The reason that Apple products are so popular is because they are built to last. When you put in the extra investment to buy Apple, you know you are getting the top of the line, not just something that will work for a little while. I am excited to try the new iWatch when I go running.

  • Apple products are built to break.

    Apple products are built so that they only last so long, which causes consumers to purchase new products, making more money for the company. They create products that have other needed products, such as headphones, chargers, cables, etc., that can only be replaced with the Apple brand. They sell good products that last long enough for the consumer to enjoy them, but then need to be replaced, ensuring the constant cash flow for the industry.

  • Apple supports supply and demand, and redemand.

    Products today are not intended to last our hectic lifestyles. They're built almost to a disposable level to ensure that consumers will be forced to replace the products they buy and love. And if that doesn't work, build a products that you know will have flaws. Everyone will buy it, until the new one comes out. Products only have to last in the meantime.

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