Apple's new product launch: Are you anxious to see what new products Apple will offer today?

  • The worlds next products

    Yes I keep up on all new products from apple to see what will make our lives easier in the world ahead. Technology is all around us that make our way of living easier by keeping us connected to work and family and helps us work faster and better than in the past.

  • Yes I am anxious to see what new products Apple has to offer.

    As an investor in the stock of Apple I am very anxious to see what new products Apple has to offer. The stock has run up the past three months on the assumption that Apple will be offering a new cutting edge product, such as the Apple watch. If the product launch does not meet those standards the stock value will crater.

  • Yes, Apple's new products are always innovative

    Apple's new product launch always brings excitement. Apple is a leader in the cell phone, tablet, and music player industry. Apple's product releases always show the newest innovations in technology. Many other companies try to mimic Apple, but Apple is always ahead of the game. The release of Siri has since seen mimicry in other products that are similar to Apple. The quality of the products Apple releases cannot be duplicated.

  • I am not anxious to see Apple's new product launch.

    I am not an Apple user. I feel that Apple products are overpriced. I can get just as much utility from Android and/or PC products as Apple products at at least half the price. I feel that Apple's cache is no longer technological innovation as much as pride of ownership - Apple has developed "snob appeal".

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