Apple's stock (AAPL) splits again. Is Apple going to be able to maintain its momentum?

  • Apple seems unstoppable

    With the ipad Mini and a new incarnation of the iPhone launching soon, Apple seems unstoppable. Apple stock seems a pretty sure bet. There constantly new products in the works and consumer interest remains very high. I don't think Apple will have any issues maintaining its momentum for several more years.

  • Yes, I believe they will.

    They have an excellent company that is run by an amazing group of individuals. They also make products that many have jokingly called the cult of Apple. So many of Apple's supporters are loyal no matter what the company does and will continue to buy their newest products every year. With a loyalty base like that and an excellent group of managers, this company will continue to be profitable for many years to come.

  • No, Applie stock will not maintain its momentum.

    No, the split of Apple stock will not ultimately help it maintain its momentum. Apple stock and Apple products are losing market share to the competition. Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple's cutting edge has been going downhill. Apple will not continue to dominate the market, and as a result nothing, including the stock split, will cause it to regain its momentum.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe Apple will be able to keep up the momentum. I believe we are heading towards another economic bubble involving the tech industry and it's bound to pop soon. I think many of our tech companies, Apple being one, will be having financial difficulties in the near future.

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