• Updates are better than none.

    Improvements are what advanced most technologies to the way they are today. Siri should do more than what she does right now. I hope she can be a hologram AI that acts like a human and user customized looks with the brain of Google Search. As for problems, sure they would be compatibility issues. As far as I know, using old or obsolete products is the same as being outdated and not moving on with the times.

  • Yes, improvements need to be made

    While Siri has many helpful uses already, there are some kinks in the program. It would be nice to see improvements made to work out some of the existing issues. Technology is always advancing and I think these improvements will come with time. The biggest on I see is that Siri tends to turn on when certain words are said that are similar to Siri.

  • Will make improvements to Siri.

    Apple will absolutely have to make improvements to Siri if it expects to leave the market invoice text recognition. While Siri is okay in practice, there is a lot of room for improvement. Apple is a leader in the industry and should fare well and its improvements to Siri capabilities.

  • Improvements are always great

    I personally love Siri for entertainment, but rarely actually use it for any useful purpose. However, in the world of technology, improvements and advancements are everything. Staying with the same thing causes your technology to fall behind and the competitors will gain an edge. There is always room for improvement, no matter how well something already works.

  • No I don't

    An improvement to Siri would be great, if I owned any Apple products, which I do. Let me explains, I own an iPad 2. Apple no longer support the software for an iPad 2 because they want me to buy a new Ipad. Before they decide to make any improvements they should consider their old customers and what would make them happy.

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