Approximately 11 million Americans spend half their income on rent. Are rents too high?

  • Yes, rents are way too high.

    A person should not be expected to spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent. If people are spending over have they make on rent, then they can't afford to have the other things that make life good and livable. With rents so high, it is clear that American is no longer the land of opportunity.

  • Housing costs are too high.

    Americans should not have to spend half of their income just to have a safe place to live. I believe that rent is out of control in many areas. However, people do have the choice of where to live. If rent is killing you, you have the choice to move to an area with lower cost of living.

  • Yes, rents are too high

    Yes, rents are too high. Rents are going up even higher. Landlords will charge as much as they can for rent regardless of what the property is worth. Landlords charge high rent because they know that people need a place to live. The government should limit the amount of rent that landlords can charge.

  • Yes, rent is way to high.

    Yes, rent is too high and it should be lowered. Residents should not have to pay this much to live their lives. While rent may be the most important bill that americans pay, there should be low cost options for people who can not afford to pay half their income on rent.

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