Approximately 50 percent of U.S. college students drop out: Should students be given higher standards to enroll in college?

  • More control on students will always help

    I think that the criterias for enrollment in college should be higher than they are because students treat it as if it was a vacation. They drink and don't go to their courses, and spend money they don't have. I think colleges should really improve their admission tests to weed out the bad students.

  • Students should be given higher standards to enroll in college

    Students should be given higher standards to enroll in college because at an 50% dropout rate it's a waste of every ones resources. The students dropping out still have to either pay back the loans they accumulated up to that point or have waisted money the could have put towards furthering their future in another way such as retirement funds.

  • College is hard.....

    All the people on the yes side either did not go to college or did not challenge themselves. College has an intense amount of pressure. There are also internal financial problems that could stop a kid from going to college. Take it easy on them. College is not for everyone.

  • Many different Colleges

    There are many different types of colleges out there that account of each level of standards. For example, community colleges tend to have the lowest standards (although still reasonable) and ivy league schools have the highest. The standards to enroll in college are not the issue, it is the standards of the classroom and degree requirements that cause so many college students to drop out. The stress level that is put on them to be successful is ridiculous.

  • High college dropout rate does not mean higher enrollment standards

    Although the U.S. college drop out rate is about 50%, this does not mean the standards to enroll are too low. First, this assumes people drop out merely for academic reasons. There are other factors, including financial and personal circumstances that come into play. Raising the standards limits enrollment, and the opportunity to attend, even if someone cannot handle the work.

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