• I choose arbys

    I like Arby’s because I like their awesome sandwiches and their fries and their sauce and the type of meat they have. Hey the voice actor for bobs burgers is in their commercial you gotta love bobs burgers! But no seriously as they say. “We have the meats! ”. I don’t know how Wendy’s can compete

  • Arby's Wins Over Wendy's

    Okay I think "NO" should be Arby's and "YES" should be Wendy's in this "OPINIONS" thing.
    Anyway, Arby's is better. I have hardly ever even had Wendy's, Which probably means that Arby's tastes better. (Why else? ) My words may be confusing but it's because they have to be.
    But yeah how can Wendy's compete, As the other person who was saying things in this "OPINIIONS" thing said?

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