Arctic temperatures at record highs: Does this prove that global warming is real?

  • It is real

    I know there are folks out there who think it's a hoax, but it's realy. Arctic temperatures and ice melt are proof that temps have changed over time. Look at glacier photos and you'll see a big difference over a period of years. Polar bears have less ice on which to hunt and it's affecting their life cycles and those of other polar animals. There are more droughts, shrinking sea ice and less snowpack.

  • We already know its real

    We don't need record high Arctic temps to tell us that global warming is real. We already have ample scientific research that tells us this is happening. We need to focus more on what we can do to slow, stop, and reverse the process rather than continuing to argue against true facts.

  • Yes, it clearly exists.

    If you look at a short time frame, lets say 3 years, and compare the temperatures of the Arctic, then people can say that global warming does not exist. If you look at much, much longer periods of time and considered the many factors that can contribute to the high record and efficiently limit those factors so then you can have a much more accurate data set and whether or not global warming exists. People cannot deny that we have a major impact on our environment in which we live in. We literally change our environment to fit our needs. As our population continues to grow, so will our need to expand and change our environment. Cutting down rain forests releases a lot of carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. Cows are a major producer of methane, which has a greater effect than that of carbon dioxide. Are there cycles of hot and cold? Yes, there will always be as earth is a constantly changing world. Do humans have an impact on the earth we live on? Yes, we do. I do not remember where I saw it, but I remember seeing something on how if all the humans were to go extinct, it would take an extremely long time. I'm not sure if it was millions, but it was most certainly in the hundreds of thousands of years for the world to naturally reverse itself to pre-human.

  • Global warming isn't real.

    Global warming isn't caused by humans. It was hotter in the 1400's, and much hotter before the Ice age. We are in a period of time after an ice age and in 1000 years it will get cooler, and cooler, till the oceans are ice. The main reason for the hotter temperatures is our irregular revolution patters, and the fact that the Earth's magnetic field is flipping soon. NOAH the people that are investigating the Global Warming crisis are under investigation for forging data. You may be wondering why they are doing this, or how they would benefit. Well, one clean energy is trying to become the new fossil fuel industry, or in other words are trying to get rich, and NOAH focuses n more than just Global Warming. It's a hoax made by butthurt liberal tree huggers and the clean fuel industry.

  • Current Arctic Temperatures Alone Don't Prove Global Warming

    The fact that arctic temperatures are currently at record highs doesn't by itself prove that global warming is real. To determine the reality of global warming, scientists look at the temperature trends of the arctic and ice melting over hundreds of years to provide evidence of global warming. In addiction, scientists use the rising temperatures and sea levels around the entire globe as evidence of global warming.

  • There are cylces.

    There are cycles of hot and cold in the world. That does not mean that there is global warming. Climate has a natural ebb and flow. In addition, the methods that meteorologists have used in the past years have changed. They do not measure temperature in the same way they used to so data is not always accurate.

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