Arctic warming: Should the governments across the world listen to scientists claiming catastrophic events?

  • Global warming real

    It is almost inarguable that world leaders and their respective governments need to pay heed to and prioritise the warnings made by experts and scientists all over the world about Arctic warming. This is especially true because of the dire consequences should their worst fears about the current situation be realised.

  • Governments should heed scientists warnings on global warming

    Governments across the world would be wise to listen to scientists that are predicting catastrophic events from global warming. This comprises the overwhelming number of scientists, including some of the brightest minds. It is difficult to get this community to agree, but 97% of them believe this is a danger.

  • Extreme weather is already evident

    We have to pay attention to science. It doesn't make sense not to. It concerns me that there are several people who serve in elected office that reject evidence based information. Even if government leaders won't do it, we as a people should step up and find ways to do it anyway.

  • It's not totally implausible

    For years there has been supporting evidence of the claim that the polar ice caps are melting and with rising sea levels there at least has to be some truth to scientist's claims. Besides, they're scientists, they usually tend to know what they're talking about and we should at least listen to what they have to say because they aren't scientists for nothing after all.

  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but science isn't always right

    More global warming hype-up huh? Science is not always right. Things have been hyped up before that never really happened. Here are my points:
    1) There hasn't been any warning since 1997. There are children that have graduated from high school that haven't seen any of this supposed "warming" since they were born.
    2) There is NOT a scientific consensus, and even if there was, that doesn't necessarily mean it's correct.
    3) Climate models are inaccurate. These models that scientists have made are hugely based on assumptions about how much a given cause will effect warming of the Earth.
    4) From 2012-2014, Arctic ice was up 50%. If the Earth was warming up, wouldn't it be shrinking?


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