• The American Dream is Fading for Us

    Where does one even start? Between the stagnating economy still trying to shake the rumbles of 2007, the job market from hell and the burden of both consumer and student debt kneecapping what progress there was to make... is it really any wonder 20-30 somethings are struggling? Home ownership for this age group is low, savings amounts are even lower and the me-first economy their parents built is starting to bite this group in the keester.

  • The baby boomers ruined the economy.

    Baby boomers love to complain that the next generations are lazy. However, boomers don't realize that they plundered the economy from their children. In the boomer's day, a child could work her way through school. Today, boomer professors demand such lavish salaries that it's impossible for a child to graduate without student debt. Boomers have decimated retirement plans and refused to hire. Because of all of this, 30-somethings are poor.

  • Yes, 30-somethings are poorer than their parents.

    Yes, 30-somethings are poorer than their parents because they tend to take a lot more risks than their parents did by getting several different jobs and taking time off to travel. Younger people do not leave college and find the career that will last them the rest of their lives like their parents did.

  • No, that is not true.

    It is not true to say that the 30-somethings are poorer than their parents. In some cases this might be true but we don't have to generalize this. There are a number of people in this age bracket who are very successful than their parents. Making it in life and having a social status in the society is self driven and is not determined by one's parent wealth.

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