• They're a Fad

    3D movies are most definitely a fad. It is something that is really nice, but it will phase out really soon. Many people are already beginning to talk about 4K screens and how they are superior. Like most technology, 3D served its purpose but will be replaced in the near future.

  • 3D Movies is a Fad

    3D movies is definitely a passing fad. Anyone that has seen a 3D movie can tell you that it makes the movie more appealing but it is usually not worth the extra price. Many believe that paying extra to see a movie at an IMax theater is more bang for your buck.

  • It been here for many years and only getting better.

    We bought a smart tv on sale with the 3d option. Not thinking we were going to use it. Now we look forward to watch 3d on it. Everyone that visits and experiences it loves it to. If more people could try it I believe they would love it too. Could you imagine watching the super bowl in 3d. It would be sweet.

  • Not a fad, so long as they are creative and stop trying to please everyone

    Gravity, Life of Pi, Hugo, Avatar
    These movies envisioned and maintained an immersive 3d environment.
    In the hands of innovative directors with a clear vision the benefit is obvious.

    People are starting to figure out post-conversion 3d
    IntoDarkness, Titanic, Jurassic park amazing. Make 3d movies for those who get it

  • No They Aren't

    No, I don't think 3d movies are just a passing fad, I think there will always be 3d movies, but I do think the trend of releasing a lot of movies in 3d is a fad. I think the experience of a 3d movie will become more built up and the studios will focus on one or two releases a year, but they aren't going anywhere.

  • No, 3D Movies are Here to Stay

    3D movies hold the appeal of being somewhat interactive. Many people have become so accustomed to the highly interactive nature of computer and video games and three-dimensional movies are a natural component of the entire video experience. 3D movies also provide the consumer with a unique viewing experience, and a great deal of marketing for these movies is implemented to ensure their success.

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