• This is easy.

    2D Zelda games are classic, but let's get with the times people. 3D zelda games are the new now. Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, all of these games are way more fun then the old zelda games. So if it comes down to the Legend of Zelda, or The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, I'm gonna choose wind waker!

  • 3D all the way!

    3D Zelda games are much deeper in plot and setting then their earlier cousins. They are powerful and moving, and the 3D better reflects the feeling of an epic destiny. Though not as adventure based and doing it at one's own pace. This is great, but the depth of 3D Zelda (3D pun not intended makes 3D Zelda superior.

  • You'll be surprised.

    Back in the day of 2D Zelda, people dis these games for 3D games all because it looks better. However, I have a theory. For example, people thought that NES games were long gone until Shovel Knight gave gamers an unexpected surprise with a well thought out game (and one of the funniest cheats in history [Butt Butt and Shield Butt]). What about Minecraft, and yes I am aware that Minecraft is a 3D game but that is besides the point. I mention this because people there days argue that Terraria beats Minecraft due to more variety, but Terraria is a 2D game. So if Terraria and Shovel Knight can do it, then 2D Zelda games should do it too.

  • Not always, you would be surprised.

    Back in the day of Zelda, yes the graphics are not the most pleasing. But this does not mean that 2D was not as good as 3D. For example, everyone thought that NES games were long gone but then Shovel Knight came by and game gamers that flash of surprise when it pleased them unexpectedly. Also if you look at Minecraft, yeah that was 3D too. But people to this day argue that Minecraft is not as good as Terraria, which is a 2D side-scroller. If Terraria and Shovel Knight can do it, than 2D Zelda games can do it too.

  • It Depends on the Game

    It really depends on the game. For example, I would say the first Legend of Zelda game on the NES is the best one. It has very little structure, and leaves everything for the player to discover. That initial feeling of wonder when you first discover a new dungeon, or a secret that gives you more rupees is much better than any satifaction I recieved from modern Zelda titles. However, A Link To the Past just gives you a map, which kind of ruins what I think was the whole point of Zelda, spending time to find everything without the game telling you where it is, or even what it looks like.

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