Are a lot of women disappointed today with men?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I BLAME Hollywood and reality TV!

    Think for a moment of every Romantic Movie coming out of Hollywood! It starts when they are little girls with the Disney Princess fairytales. This is literally a brainwash assault on women. I am not saying men can not do romantic things for their significant other, because it happens more times than not. What i am relaying is that women believe in Extreme ideas of what romantic is, the bar has been set very high by award winning actors and actresses that have had witty scripts with catchy lines.

  • Chivalry is dead

    And women killed it. Dave Chappelle has a pretty funny stand up skit that does a good job at joking around about this subject. I didn't post the transcript because it has a lot of expletives, but if you're interested, just search "Dave Chappelle chivalry is dead" and you should find the video.

  • I think gender specifics aren't exclusive in this case but yes

    I think society as a whole has gone downhill. Both men and women are more sexually provocative, more alcohol intensive, more substance abuse, and more party excessive. I think some people may still hold good standards but it's a dying trend. It's become abhorrent to a man if he hasn't has sex wuth at least 10 people or lost it by the time he is 18. It's abhorrent if a man hasn't dabbled in drugs it's abhorrent if a man doesn't go out and get blind drunk. You come to expect it today's youth.

  • Yeah I believe so

    Only saying this from personal experience, I get to know a guy and we talk for a few days and then he asks me to show him my boobs or butt or vagina, and I'm only 16 and I dont want to show any of that yet and when I tell them no, they get butthurt and are super rude about it. And I do NOT lead them on either, never make any sexual references cause talking about that stuff makes me squirmish. I've yet to meet a decent guy who doesnt ask me to suck his you know what within the first week of us talking, even the first month. I know there are good guys out there and I'm not generalizing like I know all guys arent like that but every time I talk to one (who's not my friend), that stuff comes up.

  • I don't think it causes feminism

    I think that's a very stupid thing today. LMAO. Feminists never come because a man cheated on them. Feminists FIND any reason to hate men. So I think it's stupid, even George Carlinish to suggest it (not referring to Carlin, lol, but the idea of stupid people). I definitely, and I say this as someone who tries everyday of their life to be a REAL MAN, I think ladies have a point. LMAO. In the past marriages were intact. We knew what true family. I feel like today's generation is a regression from the old days. :(. I wish there were more who kept their promises to their princesses. I feel like most don't have the willpower of loyalty, and it's a real shame.

  • Freewill to Choose Your Man

    Why should you be disappointed? Are your standards too high? Are you too specific with your standards? Women have to acknowledge that everyone is imperfect. Men have flaws, too. Life is not a romance novel. It isn't a dream. Face reality women. It's your own freewill to choose the man you want to date, be together with forever, etc. Love at first sight doesn't exist. Soulmates don't exist. Get over it. Get a life!
    I've known women that are happy with their relationships. For example, my mom. My mom has had plenty of hardships with her previous forced marriage before she met my dad. My parents have fights every now and then yet they still love each other.
    I apologize if you women out there can't find a man good enough for you. Every men is different. You can't compare them to others. I believe that it's your own fault if your disappointed with men today, but women should ask themselves: why am I disappointed today with men?

  • Please men are wonderful not disappointing

    Women have become sexless and men need sex it is not a want it is a need for a man to stay healthy and that is a fact. Sex gives a man release calmness creativity and women just do not get it are men just to wac--- off SOME women want something hanging between there legs but it just can not happen. Women need to treat them better or well set them free.

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Adam2 says2014-01-14T01:33:10.920
*I think that's a very stupid thing to say
VeryLeAwesome says2014-01-14T02:25:58.223
Well, I'm not the one trolling on feminists, am I?
Kristen1234 says2015-03-12T06:16:21.010
Here's where the guys love to shine... Let's say ok Adam I think it's stupid to say that it's stupid... Not a man a child dealing with children. Or I could have just said I think you are so negative Adam. But no matter what you say to a guy it seemingly falls on deaf hears... So disappointment absolutely.
Kristen1234 says2015-03-12T06:48:54.837
Their is no work in their courage and yet they believe not waivering stands for anything
Kristen1234 says2015-03-12T06:52:30.880
If they had to endure the shame of their glory they'd be singing a different tune
Kristen1234 says2015-03-12T07:12:53.930
Imagine being married to someone like that
Kristen1234 says2015-03-12T07:14:21.783
Completely uncommunicative to the point where you basically feel trapped
Kristen1234 says2015-03-12T07:16:04.247
Despite all your efforts