Are a majority of Bible stories copied from other religions?

  • Copied makes it sounds as if there is one original one.

    Even if there is one original source we do not know it . But it is for sure All religions contain the same stories in their bibles. These stories belong to whole humanity. Seeing it this way will help people realize all religions came for one purpose . It is to make people to help and understand that if they have the right understanding higher purposes can be achieved in this very world before they die. And if they do not show this effort and reach that understanding before they die it will be too late to find the source of light which is the best part of being human . Humans can evolve internally because they really do have a very high potential. But they are to show interest to reach this potential and show effort to reach that potential. Religions are here to make us better humans. To become better is to reach that higher part in us. But I understand we cannot use them the right way. We use them to discriminate, kill , use and invade everything to devour and gulp it down our throat. This is the base part of humanity. And this is the reason all these stories are told over and over to toucha sensetive part in humans. Unfortunately it seems that humans cannot reach their potential. History shows that people are failing to realize that inner evolution. Outer evolution is not possible . Inner evolution is and can only be available for the ones that really desire it. I see the humanity is not going in the way of evolution. But I am sure not only this time always looked very grim for humanity...

  • Lots of different sources

    Garden of Eden, Great Flood, Proverbs, Ten Commandments, Canaanites, Isaiah, Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell, The Trinity, The Messiah
    All were fundamentally taken from different aspects of The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Instruction of Amenemope, the Book of the Dead, Gathas of Zarathushtra Yasna, Zoroastrianism, and the most prevalent is Mithras with the 'Messiah'

  • Compare Stories from Different Time Periods

    If we compare stories from other religions and time periods they tend to correlate to the same pattern. Just because one is slightly different or the bible seems to "flow" in a way only true events could it is because they were slightly altered to blend with the original story. The bible is a work of plagiarized fiction, using only stories already created and slightly altered to fit the context and ideas of the bible.

  • Study the History of the hundreds and thousands of earth's many religions.

    Any study of earth's religions show remarkable similarities for wish fulfilment. It is used to solidify obedience to authority, beginning with patriarchy to leaders of governments and/or religious oligarchy.

    If we think for ourselves, we will doubt the validity of absolute authority. If we are discouraged from curiosity, we are sheep.

  • Read your Mythology

    The flood is copied from the Epic of Gilgamesh. Genesis is copied from Sumerian mythology. The old testament is the mythology that the Hebrews brought with them when they migrated to the Mediterranean sea. The captivity in Egypt has been proven (by the Israelis) to be false. The new testament is one story, copied by 3 people with some extras added to fit their personal desires.

  • Actually read about other origin stories.

    From Egypt to Sumeria - Same stories, irrelevant twists. The reason there are absolute similarities is because it's easier to copy off of someone else's paper than it is to create an idea yourself.

    Sumeria is responsible for the Christian myth. The Christian church is responsible for plagiarizing and bastardizing it.

  • Bible Stories Are Similar

    I feel as if Bible stories between religions are copied to a certain extent. Bible stories resemble each other regardless of the religion in question. I feel that they base stories on each other just like directors base Hollywood scripts on other films that we've seen in the past. It's a way of putting out stories that will interest the public.

  • No, the stories of the Bible are not copied from other religions

    First of all, the books of the Bible were written by 40 different authors over many years, yet they all connect and intertwine. If they were copied from other religions, the lessons and the overall context won't flow. The stories from different religions probably because all humans have a moral standard, and the wise sages of each religion interpreted it and wrote it down for the many followers.

  • Bible Stories are Similar to Other Religons...

    ... but they are crafted differently. As all religions are based on similar events, the stories would naturally be similar. However there are marked differences that would establish them as separate from other religions. They are basic truths that have been carried over the years. While the minor details are changed the ideals remain the same.

  • No, Bible stories aren't copied.

    The bible is not a magazine or movie script- it's based in truth, and can be placed in real time periods and places. While everything may not be 100% completely specific or seems particularly vague, enough is known about times, places, people, and events that many stories from the bible can be verified on their own.

  • No They Aren't

    The origin stories of the world all have a lot in common because they speak to a basic truth. The stories in the Bible aren't copied they may have similarities to other stories because they all share essential truths about mankind in common. But there is enough evidence to suggest that each of these stories came into existence on their own.

  • Other origin stories

    Other origin stories may have similarities, but that is to be expected as there were many cultures on earth during Biblical times. As even now stories change from culture to culture, so cultures then would also manipulate the story to fit their own views. The difference is that in the Bible there are multiple authors through a long range of time and the principles and teachings stay true throughout. This is unlike any other religion/cultural stories.

  • Paralell thinking is a human certainty.

    Proving similarities isn't an argument for chain of custody. If God created all , "information" included in life , then all thought, ideas and notions were created by that God. So since this isn't long enough to post I shall carry-on needlessly,or it will not allow submitting. So thank you all, good night everybody.

  • Bible stories exemplify continuity!

    It stands distinct from other religious writings. Moreover, the Bible was not only written by a diversity of authors, but also in different locations and under a variety of circumstances. Secular commentary will say that continuity proves nothing! Perhaps, but it's a start. Judaism from which Christianity is born is an extension of the uniqueness in a context of oneness, i.E., one G-d (deity) to whom all adoration was and continues to be given. Most religions had multiple deities and or were pantheist e.G., regards G-d as identical with the material universe or the forces of nature and a readiness to worship all or a large number of gods.

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