Are a majority of high school students apathetic of what is asked of them?

Asked by: jboehnerart
  • Agree with teacher above

    As I commented against the arguing side, this opinion is through personal experience. I just vote in yes to bump the ratio to where it should be. However, I can not say for other schools that I have not been to or heard of, but so far out of all I heard, they all followed the same pattern. I haven't heard anything from the southern schools though. If only America would bump up it's education, then the kids can at least complain about learning as much as other countries...

  • I see it everyday

    As a teacher it seems as though so many students just want instantaneous rewards. Also, rewards for things that are expected of them, not going above or beyond the expectations. I am disrespected, mocked, by both parents and students on both a professional and personal level. It seems as though a blanket of pure unbridled apathy covers people. This is not always true of students there are those who what something more in life and actually work like they want something more, but as a whole I could never make that case. Immaturity and a lack of personal desire is so wide spread that I can't see an end to the pandemic.

  • No they are not.

    Just because you see some students who could care less about their work, doesn't mean that ALL students are like that. Such a general statement. Maybe if students weren't given as much homework, they would not as apathetic then?

    Not every student is like this. I'm sure not like this, I can assure you that.

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