Are abortions acceptable in the case of severe or life-threatening birth defects as seen on an ultrasound?

  • Yes, abortion is always a choice.

    Abortion in most cases should be considered acceptable as an option, but it is especially acceptable when an ultrasound or another medical test reveals that there is a severe birth defect with the developing fetus. It is wise to relieve the future child of this burden as well as the parents.

  • Yes in some cases

    I think if there is serious life threatening condition to the mom or baby then an abortion can be considered. I don't agree with a simple birth defect even if severe being the cause for abortion though. I think life should be protected above all other things in this world.

  • Why Wouldn't They Be

    I believe abortions are acceptable in the case of sever or life-threatening birth defects as seen on an ultrasound. My problem with turning abortion into a political issue, is that things like this will always pop up. Pregnancy is no guarantee that a child will be healthy, if these major problems can be confirmed with ultra sound, then an abortion should definitely be an option.

  • Abortions are never acceptable.

    Abortions are never acceptable. Even in cases of severe or life-threatening defects the child should always be given a chance at life. It is not up to people do decide whether or not a life is worth living. That decision should be left up to God and God alone. To choose otherwise is nothing less than murder regardless of the situation.

  • I do not agree with that way of thinking

    I don't think a shown risk or birth defect is grounds for abortion. When my wife and I were given the option to test for down syndrome and other abnormalities we declined because it didn't matter what the test showed we were still going to bring the child into a loving home. I think any child should be given a chance.

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