• Abortion is murder.

    Would you slaughter a 10 year old child? No? Then why would you murder a baby child? Unlike most of the pro choice side say that abortion happens when the child is just an unknowing lump of flesh. Well, nearly half of abortions a withing the last stages of birth where the practitioner literally cuts up the child in the womb and then pulls out hpthe broken pieces. Yes, abortion is not murder. Not muddy at all.

  • Abortion is murder.

    The definition of kill is:cause the death of (a person, animal, or other living thing).

    The definition of death is: the permanent ending of vital processes in a cell or tissue.

    If you abort an unborn baby, you end the vital processes in its cells/tissue, thus putting it to death and killing it.

  • Only above 20 week is murder

    Yes a 5 week baby isn't even a baby. It cant feel or think. This isn't murder. Even 10 weeks there brain is still not fully functional. Still at 20 week they can feel stress and pain. They are like humans. So yeah I am natural. PEACE LOVE AND MORE LOVE

  • Yes, abortion is murder.

    Abortion is when you purposely take a baby out of the mother's womb, therefore killing it. Making that murder! Now, if you were raped, that is a different story. But if the mom got pregnant on her own terms, that is her fault she got pregnant. Making abortions murder !

  • Logic not religion leads to the truth

    The entire argument can really boil down to this syllogism. Life starts at conception, it is wrong to kill an innocent life, therefore abortion is morally and "logically" wrong. Now the 1st part of that is obviously the hardest one to accept and longest to explain. First you should define what is a life is and to me the only logically coherent argument is when a single celled organism can take in energy and turn that energy into the creation or replication of more cells or rather the ability to turn energy into life and that's how you would define life were you were to say discover it on mars and I find it hard to believe if they found a zygote on mars anyone would say that's not life and win the argument. And to women who were raped and impregnated that is a terrible situation but to say that justifies the murder of the baby is equivalent to saying we can kill the rapists 11 year old daughter, or mother, or father etc. because a child is not responsible for the sins of their forebearers and vice versa. To those who say it's my body it's my right to do with it as I want i ask in what world does your rights give you the authority to kill another? This whole argument has such great parallels to slavery it's astounding how history repeats itself and the same arguments are used over and over for example in slavery first they tried to say blacks were subhuman or that they weren't a life, next they said well the slaves are on my property or rather it's my body it's my right and finally it led to the fracturing of society I wonder if it will go that far again?

  • You're ending a potential human life.

    From my point of view, the moral implications of being able to say: "I'm ending this potential human life because it is in my body, therefore I ownt it" is a slippery slope we don't want to go down. One may believe the fetus is not a human life, but we can't deny it certainly can be, if you give it a few months to grow. The fact that you can end this possibly life by saying you own it is virtually the same argument used by slavers in the 1800's to justify their horrible actions. The moment that we get to play moral arbiter about what constitutes life and what doesn't is the moment that crimes against humanity will happen. Is a fetus not a living creature because it doesn't have hair yet? Or is it not a living being because it hasn't grown eyes yet? From 12 weeks into birth, a fetus will already have developed working organs, fingers and toes. From 16 weeks, a child will have its own heartbeat, and have its sex developed. From there on, a fetus will only become more human. The fact that you're able to say: "This potential human being is not human enough, therefor I can end its existance because I do not want it to exist." Is a downright evil thought, that's up there with Nazi ideology that claims Jews aren't worth the same to an Aryan because they aren't pure enough. Please, I beg you, don't abort a fetus because you simply don't want to care for it. If that is the case, there's always adoption as an option, and you can still let the child live the life it deserves. If you don't want a child at all, use protection during intercourse. There are so many ways to avoid having to end a potential human life, and it doesn't take alot to prevent having to abort a fetus. Please, if not for the child, think of the many people you can make happy! There are infertile people out there who can't get children, and you could make their lives so much better by helping them out. I'm just so concerned about the potential loss of human life, and I hope that anyone who reads this will atleast give my arguments a thought. I don't hate you for having an abortion or despise your existance for having one anyways, I'm just disappointed that a future human life is lost.

  • Abortion is murder

    In the mother's womb, the baby is already growing. It I said feeding off the mother. It is not right to kill the baby. The mother was the one who got herself pregnant, so it is her responsibility. However, if she was raped, then that's a different story. But if the mother wasn't raped, then abortion is not right. The child didn't choose to be born into this mother. The child didn't choose so it's not the child's fault. It's the mother's fault. If she can't support the baby, at least give it up for abortion. The child is ther responsibility. However, if the mother was raped, then she should be able to decide since she didn't choose to be raped.

  • Abortion is murder

    Some argue that a fetus is not living, therefore not abortion. Or, it's necessary to save the mother's life.
    Though, a fetus has a heart. A brain. Organs. Feet. A head. In a matter of weeks, it could be delivered, as a human.
    When Dr. Levatino spoke before Congress, he said, "... The idea that abortion is needed to save women's lives... I have treated hundreds of women with severe problems with their pregnancies. Pregnancies that were life-threatening to them--cardiac disease, diabetes, cancers, toxemia, elevated blood pressure in pregnancy... Abortion would be worthless".
    My mind boggles over those who endlessly defend animal rights, since they can't protect themselves, yet, day after day, murder unborn children, even more so, defenseless?

  • Abortion should be illegalized.

    It is murder if you kill an innocent child. Just because it is not born or a registered human does not mean that it is right to kill it. If someone does not have a US license or are legal to be in the US, but you murder them it is still not legal to kill them.

  • Read this to see why abortion is murder.

    There are only four differences between a fetus and a newborn baby, and none of them make the actions of an abortion morally right. These differences are known as S.L.E.D.; size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency.
    Size and level of development
    According to parents.Com; at week twelve, the baby is the size of a passion fruit at 2.13 inches, and the size of a newborn baby is twenty inches, which is a big difference, but both of them have beating hearts. Are bigger people more valuable than smaller people? A six week fetus isn’t self aware however, if we define humans as being self aware and intelligent, than that would mean that people that have a higher intellect could take an unfair advantage and exploit the people with a lower intellect, or people with intellectual disabilities such as Down syndrome
    Environment or Location
    Many people say that before a baby is born it is not a human, because being born makes someone a human. But how does the person you are, have anything to do with where you are? How does an ordinary trip of eight inches from inside the mother’s womb into the outside world change a “tissue blob” into a baby that you ought to protect ?Eight inches is the difference between life and death for an unborn baby.
    Degree of dependency.
    The main argument by many people is that until someone is able to live independent of anyone or anything, they aren’t human. But that would mean that there are people that we could kill, because they are dependent on someone or something. People who have diabetes need insulin to survive, and people that are quadriplegic can’t do anything for themselves, and they are dependent upon others for everything. Without the help of other people and other things, these people would die, but does that mean that they are any less deserving to live? An unborn baby and a newborn baby both rely on their mother for food, nutrients, warmth, and so many more things. Both an unborn baby and a newborn baby would die without someone to care for them, but does that really mean that we can kill someone just because they are defenseless?
    There are no morally right reasons for an unborn baby to be killed in the society that we live in today. A pre-born baby isn’t that different from a newborn, a toddler, or even from you or me. It is alive and it has a beating heart just like the rest of us. No one has the right to decide who lives and who dies. So, will you stand up for someone that can’t stand up for them self? All human life deserves a chance, so why not give them one? Remember that you were once just like that defenseless unborn baby, but at least you were given a fighting chance.

  • Abortion is a Women's right

    No way, abortion is not murder because it is a right. We must remember that as long as the fetus is not born, it is in the woman's body, and therefore is a part of the woman's body. No one, not even the government, has the right to tell her what to do. She can do whatever she wants with her OWN BODY.
    Now, if you don't support abortion, what are women supposed to do when they get raped?
    In conclusion, it is a right. Fetuses are in the woman's body, and therefore the woman gets to choose what to do with it. Give birth? Sure thing. Abort? Sure thing.

  • A fetus isn't even completely human at the point where most abortions happen.

    I understand when pro-life people say, "That's another life in there with you. You can't kill it!" But to be completely honest you aren't even counted alive until your brain starts to function. And it's not until the 2nd trimester that the brain starts to function. On top of that 92% of abortions happen in the first 13 weeks. Before someone says the abortion is wrong, ask them this, "If your 12-year-old daughter was raped, and she conceived, would you make her go through the pain of boys calling her a slut, the pain of birth, etc. or would you give her an abortion?" Remember that outlawing abortions doesn't stop abortions, it only stops the safe ones.

  • What about rape?

    Personally I think that abortion should be the woman's choice. However, that is not what I am about to talk about. Suppose you are a parent. Your daughter is raped (something that is atrociously common). The rapist did not wear a condom and your daughter is now pregnant? It was not her fault she was raped. She does not want this burden. Of coarse there is always adoption but it won't take long for your daughter to become attached to the baby. Not to mention child birth is painful. If your child is, say, 13 or younger she could be permanently damaged. Not to mention she will experience bullying about it. Will be ostracized from some social groups and all because of someone else's doings. Is that really fair? Besides what gives you grounds to tell other people how to live their lives?

  • You can't kill something that isn't alive

    A baby that has not been born or developed is not truly a human yet. A human would be a developed baby that has been born and has a full working mind and body. A baby that has not been born is pretty much just a bunch of growing cells. On the other hand, yes, it could potentially be a baby once it is born, but if the woman is getting an abortion, the baby was probably not planned and wouldn't be born anyways. I'm not religious, but if you're to take the religious perspective on this, likely saying "don't interfere with God's Plan," that doesn't make sense because according to the bible, god controls everything, and so the abortion would just be part of "God's Plan" Also, if the baby cant survive or is dead, it has to be aborted. Its never a good thing for anyone.

  • Abortion is not murder.

    The definition of alive is to be living. The definition of living is to be alive. While this provided no factual help, I rely upon my own theories. I do not think that a fetus or fertilized eggs are alive because they are not sentinant. Therefore it is not murder, not too complicated in my thinking process.

  • Abortion is not murder

    I know that alot of people think that abortion is murder, but i don't understand why they think that? I mean it's removing a little fetus that is in microscopic size. And if you think that that is murder, then masturbation is murder. There comes sperm out right? That you just wipe of. Of course there are exceptions for sperm donating. Also abortion is a very personal decision, and America is a free country right? Which means that people should be allowed to make their own decisions. And this is the biggest issue: teen pregnancy. It's already at a pretty high rate and if abortion would be illegal then the teen pregnancy rate would be trough the roof. There could also be parents who already have enough children and then they have to take care of another baby. Think, without abortion it would be very hard for alot of people. One last argument goes out to the people who kill abortion doctors and burn down clinics. To me it doesn't make sense, especially not the killing part. Murdering people to show that murder is wrong. Think about that.
    Hopefully i was able to convince someone.

    //From a Finnish boy in Sweden

  • Pro-Lifers have the burden of proof.

    Pro-lifers claim that abortion is murder, but offer no substantial evidence. They claim it is true, but it turns out to only be their opinion and personal belief.

    Personal beliefs do not count as proof. Morality cannot be established as objective, as there is no evidence of any objective morality. Pro-choice advocates hold no stance on whether or not abortion is murder, so they have no burden of proof.

    Absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

  • An Embryo is NOT a Person!

    An embryo does not depend on its own, it depends fully on it's mother's body, so why are you all comparing it to a human being! When women attempt to conceive and an egg ends up not developing, being flushed out of the women's body, nobody screams and cries. Stop telling women what they get to do with their own bodies

  • 14,000 Women have abortions following rape or incest.

    Imagine if 14,000 women had kids that would come into the world with birth defects and were unwanted. People say that abortion causes psychological damage to one but they also forget to mention how having an unwanted child also affects you and brings back flashbacks of the mishap. Don't look at just one side of a story.

  • What they said

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Patriot4Christ says2017-03-23T19:52:06.077
Abortion is killing a human.
Dream-walker says2017-03-25T18:25:00.463
The moment a seed begins to root it's alive it's proof of life, a bundle of cells becoming one form is the same proof, we just get to see it unfold more close to home. Which can and does make it more of a difficult decision to bare.
But when faced with the ability to take a life it should really only become a option when another is on the balance if defending from attack, to save the mothers life due to injury or disease or if faced with the child's life hanging in the balance the same approach to the unborn some be taken .
Jacobbruce says2017-03-26T13:13:31.860
The definition of kill is:cause the death of (a person, animal, or other living thing).

The definition of death is: the permanent ending of vital processes in a cell or tissue.

If you abort an unborn baby, you end the vital processes in its cells/tissue, thus putting it to death and killing it.