Are actions taken by a police officer solely attributable to the individual?

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  • The police are a cohesive force

    Police are not trained individually. They are instructed and trained as a group. The actions of a policeman are the result of his training. The police force is organized hierarchically. They are given orders from the top down. They are trained how to behave in every situation so that even individual judgement is limited. On top of that, They are a fraternal brotherhood who unconditionally defend each other. The few good apples that snitch on their coworkers are usually fired. The police are by their design a group.

  • Police are instruments of the Law

    Police actions cannot be solely linked to the individual. Individual actions are subject to legal scrutiny because it comes from the moral foundation of this country's legal system, The Anglo-Judeo philosophy. Guilt results in punishment because it is believed that individuals act on their own accord. If this is the case, Then when they violate the law, The penalty is placed on them alone.

    Police are different in that their actions are the result of their own gumption. They are acting to enforce the law. They are not robots. They have discretion and they are accountable to that discretion.

    For an officer to be legally culpable, Their motivations would be self sourced. When they make a traffic stop, It is because a law (overwhelmingly so) was violated. When they enter a home by force, They are acting on a judges order.

    Two examples of this are the cases of Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks. The police were tasked to enforce the law and they were held accountable for their decisions in the process. However, How can one ask a citizen to perform a task that is outside the individuals own desire and still hold them morally accountable solely for all outcomes?

    To not scrutinize the legal framework behind the police, Namely the legislators and judges, It is in fact unjust to hold the mal actions of law enforcement solely in the hands of the police. Surely if the only people dying in police custody were rapists and murderers, The outcry would be muffled. Now we have the issue of needing police to enforce shutting down "illegal businesses" or "failure to signal". When these interactions lead to death, One should look to the officer, But to allow judges to get away with permitting the use of swatting, And no-knock warrants, It results in the loss of citizens as a result of the wreckless actions by the judges and lawmakers. RIP Daniel Shaver, Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas.

    This opinion does not absolve police from breaking laws and protocols, But it is about, Strictly, Their actions are not the result of their own gumption, So should not be punishable by a system that requires someone acting as a moral actor in their dealings.

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