Are activists equipped to deal with the big issues?

Asked by: neurotic1
  • Activists Equipped to Deal with Big Issues

    Yes, activists are quipped to deal with the big issues as activists are the ones who bring up with and deal with these issues in the first place. During the 1960s US Civil Rights Movement, it was the activists who brought attention to these issues and then implemented strategies to see them through.

  • Its scary out here!

    Ok so many people don't even recognize that their problem exists; like alcohol, not good at all, and smoking, just as bad. I don't know if fasco-centric is a term that would catch on, meaning focus on fascist behaviour, but these kids (i'm talking 21+ here) don't care about anything except violence!
    They don't care about education, just what they can get out of school from their parents and future employment. They bully authority to get their way too. I've seen this first hand in the UK and it doesn't get them anywhere! I just don't think the rational pro active members of this society have what it takes to set these guys straight and lead a good example. APOCALYPSE AHH!

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