• Yeah it is

    They are useless to society. They just know how to act like slut.Why they get so much stardom? Scientists are paid less than and still they contribute more to our human race and world.I guess it is the fault of our stupid human race which tendence to support stupid people

  • They are paid much

    If u see big stars(names not be mentioned) they are paid much.. One actor is being paid nearly 20 cr per film and he is donating just 5 or 20 lakhs for some charitable cause... This is not fair.. They are being paid much and atleast they are not even donating a crore!!

  • Most actors aren't paid a lot of money

    First of all, acting is a really tough job. For most A-list celevbrities, it is the death of privacy and you start getting judged every second of the day. For the rest of other celebrities, they aren't earning a lot of money. Most actors don't even earn more than $20000 dollars every year.

  • Supply and demand

    It is based on simple principle of supply and demand. If a particular actor is in high demand because of the ability to put people into the theater, they will be able to demand a wage than someone that is not as well known as others. Most actors do not make an enormous amount, just the ones that you want to follow.

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