• Yes Adhd Drugs are overused do we really want to drug our children.

    Leonard Sax a physician, a psychologist and the author of Boys Adrift. Leonard Sax Says, “I have seen many such people, mostly young men, in my own practice. This boy was on Ritalin as a child and then Adderall as a teenager. Now he spends most of his time playing video games on his parents’ 55-inch flat screen. He’s 29 years old. He's Calm and content but that may be the end result when the nucleus accumbens is damaged.
    Drugging Adhd is just another way for society to hide and push away children that are different.

  • Definitely overused ~ glad I'm off

    I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in 3rd grade. I was on concerta until I refused to take it anymore at 16. It made me very twitchy (as did every other medication I was put on). I blinked constantly, 'grimaced', twisted my fingers constantly, among with many other tics caused by the medication. Kids avoided me because they thought there was something wrong with me, so I didn't have many friends and I developed social issues I'm still working on getting over today at age 19.
    I was hyper and easily distracted. What kid isn't?

  • They are given out like candy

    It seems as if anyone today can go see a doctor and get diagnosed with ADHD. Adults who say they can't concentrate suddenly have ADHD or college students especially. Children of all ages are diagnosed with ADHD and given drugs for it when children are hyper and playful by nature. It takes almost nothing to get prescribed ADHD drugs anymore.

  • Being A Brat Is NOT A Disease!

    Yes, there are some children who are in need of ADHD medications and have a "disease" for lack of a better word, but as a society we are too quick in my opinion to try and write bad behavior off as someone more or less than what it is. Some children don't need a prescription, they really need a timeout!

  • Yes, ADHD drugs are overused.

    Yes, I believe that ADHD drugs are extremely overused. Parents that are unfamiliar with the pharmaceutical makeup of drugs like Adderall, Concerta, and Ritalin don't realize just how strong these drugs are, and to prescribe them to young children is something that Doctors should not do. There is so much of a focus on doctors writing scripts for pain patients for powerful opioid analgesics when the focus should be on the doctors that prescribe ADD and ADHD drugs to young children, because these drugs are very similar in makeup to dangerous drugs like methamphetamine.

  • Yes, we shouldn't try to medicate our problems away.

    It seems like everyone you know and all of their kids are all diagnosed with some form of ADD or ADHD. We live in a society where every problem or ill is simply medicated away, so of course there are simply too many kids nowadays who are given ADHD medications.

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