• Yes, they are

    I have been seeing these ads being put as Opinions such as "Want your ex back? Call (Whatever number) to get us to kidnap her back via a spell" or whatever ads. This is a website where we debate not spew out advertisements. . . . . . . .

  • Of course not

    Listen, I want to know the latest cars that are on the market. Where else would I able to find this information besides the opinion section? If there are 10,000 Asian singles on a dating website, that is relevant information I would like to be informed of. Keep the ads!

  • You don't understand.

    It's Professor Nabai, 100% true lifetime happy magic specialist spells magic shaman money good luck yes great love money lottery herp de derp fun magic taking up words to post this stupid response to a stupid question, of course ads are not meant for the opinion question, don't waste the space doing the exact same thing by posting useless topics.

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