• I actually think they are beneath normal human beings hehe

    I've seen types like them, they're so dumb it's actually kinda funny. I knew a couple of types like them in high school. Their stupidity is so hilarious it makes me wonder if they're real human beings or not. Talk about the stupidity of some folks! Hehe. Lol lmao! :P

  • Complete Idiots, I say!

    I am sick and fucking tired of "adults" bitching and moaning about how much they hate those little "snot-encrusted brats", Like, Bitch, You were a kid too!

    Dogs are better! Dogs are better! You like dogs so much! Fucking marry one, You horrible fucknugget excuse for a human being!

    These selfish bitches who hate kids need to be thrown into the deepest pits of hell to die forever, Whether they like it or not.

  • Complete Idiots, I say!

    Seriously, Why I'm sick and tired of selfish, Moronic adults bitching and moaning about the "snot-encrusted brats" they have to put up with. Adults hate kids because they are jealous of them in each and every way.

    It's fine if you don't want a kid, But most people become the biggest of fucktards and claim that they want to spend money on themselves rather than someone else. Every reason to not have a kid is selfish, As it shows you only care about yourself.

    Dogs are better Dogs are better! Kids are awful, Waaah! You like dogs so much? Get divorced and marry one, You pathetic fucknugget excuse for a Goddamn human.

    Adults who hate kids are complete fucking morons, Because you were a kid once, Too! Oh, And of course, While you're waiting for the same damn thing to happen to them, They instantly decide they want you to die and want nothing to do with you. Most adults to day need to be thrown into the deepest motherfucking depths of Hell to rot and be tortured by Satan, Whether they like it or not.

    Fuck these morons.

  • In application, yes

    For the same reason that i would think someone stupid for hating black people, homosexuals, women, etc. Real, actual hate is incredibly erosive in your life. Anyone who was physically/emotially/sexually abused as a child knows that forgiveness is for themselves to move on. Hate is something people play with until its too late. Most people who i've heard say they hate kids are just trying to express detachment as strength, which is a super cowardly way of bragging. Imagine if an 8 year said, "i don't like adults, they fund mass murder, egg eachother through it with mental gynastics and culturally euphemisms and put the blame on the next generation". We'd say, "yes, but shut up, you know nothing". But if an adult expresses hatred toward the most helpless demographic of sociey that has no power over them, they are considered in touch? It's been said that a society is judged on how they take care of their youth, elderly, handicapped and infirm. Taking care of people in need or who are suffering is like steroids for your own life. Children are a blessing. Our society, what we eat, how we treat eachother is so fucked up now that it's a probably a good sign that children do not adapt to it. The culture of hating kids it self is probably a "throwing the baby out with the bathwater", "knee-jerk" counter culture to the unhealthy mainstream psy-op we have. If you have never been a nanny, taken care of orphans, been a god parent or have kids then i encourage you to try and be a role model for a child. Even if just in how you carry yourself day to day. If its not stupid to hate kids then is it okay? What comes after hate if you are serious about hating people you've never met? If you hate children then do you hate yourself because you were once a child too? Do you really mean it and if not, do you really mean it when you say you love someone? Is it not stupid for your own sake to hate period? I'm super jealous of kids who were treated well because i was treated like shit but im not stupid.

  • Having a preference doesn't make your brain any less capable.

    Disliking kids has no correlation to mental health. If you dislike kids, you must have a reason, as with any preference. Hating a kid has no effect on how your brain processes information, its no different than hating a murder, its for a reason, not a disorder. A murder is a human being who did something you dislike. A kid is a human being who did something someone disliked.

  • There are no selfless reasons to have a kid

    EVERY argument to have a child is self-centered. If you honestly think about it - you cannot conjure a single selfless reason to have a kid. So why are don't I want them? Kids today, despite the seemingly minimal efforts of parents to make them otherwise, are complete out of control brats. This isn't the olden days when "children should be seen and not heard." Children are the center of everyone's universe now and they can't effectively be disciplined. Why on EARTH would anyone want one???

  • This is a completely irrational assumption.

    Some people just hate kids. Face the facts. Sure, some people who hate kids might be unsavoury for their own reasons, and I can understand that. Sometimes it might just be a fear of having kids, or a phobia. This is an awful and swooping assumption to make about people and I would fully challenge your argument.

  • Some adults have no patience

    Some adults do not have kids because they're constant need for attention demanding and tiring. This is only true of some adults as most find them charming. It is a lack of patience that triggers this annoyance towards infants. Most adults will have children because they fell that they can take good care of them.

  • If someone expresses their dislike it does not talk about their level of intelligence

    We all have preferences of one thing over the other based on our knowledge and past experiences.
    If someone dislikes children he just dislikes them. Just as someone might dislike puppies or baby koalas. Hating is a feeling, usually associated with other feelings. Being stupid is usually associated with lack of factual knowledge or narrow-mindedness.

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