Are advances in technology positive or negative? Bring up examples from Literature, History, or your experiences in your opinion!

Asked by: turtletycoon7
  • Technology is good!

    Technology is a good thing! It improves our lives to a great extent. Would you rather take five seconds to call somebody on your cell phone or wait 3 months for a mail ship to cross the Atlantic? Would you rather be safe and warm inside a heated and insulated house, or shivering under ten blankets in the middle of winter in your log cabin? Would you rather go to the library and spend hours looking for a piece of information or have thousands of libraries worth of information, right at your fingertips? Although all people, good and bad, get technology, the good people will always outnumber the bad, and so will have more and better technology than the bad.

  • "Advancement" is Positive:

    I cannot think of a single advancement in technology that has been negative. The users and uses of those technologies perhaps have been but from the ability to grant us to have this conversation despite being possibly thousands of miles apart to the widespread ability to read because books are easier to print and access to clothing because looms are now mechanical and the fact that we are not hungry because we are not condemned by a lack of farming to the whims of nature and the hope of a good harvest nothing bad has ever come from an advancement. Even in advancements of weaponry we are actually safer than we used to be.

  • Technological advancement diminishes our thought

    Whenever you have an inanswerable question the first person you consult is the internet and through doing this you eventually require an essential dependability on it. We've become more passive over the past century, and with this continuous oblivious way of living, we'll pursue to have absent-minds and uniform thoughts.

    If you're so intrigued in evidence, go ahead and ask google instead of yourself.

  • Technology Helps But Do Not Solve

    The advances in technology helps to improve the standards of our lives. For example, the internet has brought about the Information Age. Now genocides are less likely to occur, and corrupt governments are easily brought down. In addition, crimes are quckly known. No mass murders.

    Also, they have helped to make our lives more interesting...

  • It depends on how we handle the new technologies. But it seems like we aren't ready yet.

    Think about how rapid the advancement in technology has been the last decade compared to the decades before. It will only increase exponentially in rate. Computers equivalent to a human brain would be achievable within at most a decade. Many things beyond our imaginations could be manufactured using nano-technology. These could all be beneficial if we can handle them. But given how outdated our societies and economies are, I'm not optimistic about the future if we aren't able to change and it need to be quick!

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