Are African Americans guaranteed a Right to Vote?

  • Yes, but there are issues.

    African Americans have a constitutional right to vote. That being said, there are many laws that adversely impact them as a group. One example is the law that prevents convicts from voting. African Americans are disproportionately represented in prison, are arrested more often than whites, and are more likely to be found guilty. There are other more recent laws that were passed before the recent election as well, and many of them are being ruled unconstitutional.

  • Yes They Are

    All African Americans are guaranteed a right to vote in the United States. It is a law that was passed a long time ago and it was very much needed. Blacks make up a considerable amount of our population and them being able to vote is a very big deal.

  • African Americans are guaranteed the right to vote by law.

    Yes, African Americans are guaranteed a right to vote. Now, no one is guaranteed anything in this life. No one knows what tomorrow holds. There are many African Americans who won't vote, or who die from violence, or who die from diseases, and even many who are incarcerated. In that sense no, they are not guaranteed a right to vote. We know that a dead person has no rights, nor do people who are incarcerated or who have committed felonies. Other than that, because of the civil rights movement, African Americans have a guaranteed right to vote.

  • No they technically aren't

    African Americans, or black people, by law have the right to vote but the new laws passed by republicans are making that right smaller and smaller. Anyone has the right to vote but it isn't that simple. Nowadays, you can only vote under certain times, with certain identification, and you may be banned from voting if you don't fall under all the qualifications. Not to mention that lines in the south will be longer and longer.

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