Are African Americans on the bottom of the social totem pole compared to people of other races?

Asked by: dnelms77
  • Yes. I am black and I am saying it.

    It is so unfortunate because there are so many of us who are trying to break away from the stereotypes that the majority of AA people keep us stuck in. It is really sad when a black person is the one saying it. Maybe if there weren't so many black people trying to re-enact the movie Baby Boy or a Snoop Dogg music video, then maybe we would respected more. Idk.. Maybe that is just me.

  • This is Klan country -- all non-whites get a hard time

    If you're not Nordic or Israeli or Scottish, you can pretty much expect a hard time in this racist country. Same goes for members of the 3 groups who aren't racist, who get called "colored-lovers." This is as racist of a country as it can get. It's not just blacks, it's also Hispanics (non-Visigoths though), Asians, Russians, Greeks, Italians, etc.

  • Respect is earned

    Every body cheers for the black athlete. Hoes to movies where the lead man is black . I used to sell cars and not once did somebody tell me I do not want that black guy to wait on me. Reputation is earned. Look at the Asian people. They look different. But they do not cry discrimination. I'm sure if too many of them started to commits crimes it would affect there image. You will never over come the need for self preservation. If you heard that people with a red short were going around beating people up. You would certainly be cautious with people with a red shirt until you felt the one you were looking at was ok.

    Posted by: rvs

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