• Yes, I believe that Ag-Gag laws are unconstitutional.

    I believe that Ag-Gag laws are unconstitutional, because they violate our first amendment rights, "Freedom of Speech". They also promote criminal activity from corporations, by criminalizing investigative journalism. They prevent citizens from informing other citizens of illegal practices being performed. Basically giving companies with extensive histories in illegal practices a license to do whatever they please with little resistance.

  • yes they can be very

    I’ve been very vocal in opposing ag gag laws, blasting them as unconstitutional and wrongheaded in a Septembercolumn and speaking out against them during a recent lecture in Iowa, one of a handful of states with an ag gag law on its books.
    While momentum appeared to favor ag gag laws this past autumn, two recent decisions have dealt a serious blow to that support.
    Last month, a prosecutor in Utah brought the state’s first prosecution under its ag gag law, passed in 2012. Just as quickly as he had filed the case, though, prosecutor Ben Rasmussen dismissed it.

  • It's Called the Fourth Amendment

    While this may be a contentious debate, it is imperative to protect the rights of the people, the rights of the businesses, and the rights of the fourth amendment. While the right of publicity has emerged within the courts, nothing can defy our constitutional rights. When you go to a voting poll and campaign, you have to be a 100 feet away. When you go to Chick Fil A's headquarters to protest, you have to be a distance away. And when you go on a farmer's property, you have to be a distance away as long as they own their property. So not only does the affirmative defy the right of privacy, it also defies the right of property ownership.

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