Are aggression and violence learned behaviors attributed to being masculine?

Asked by: markmac
  • Behavior says it all

    The way men act and talk gives it away. First you need to note that men play and enjoy more violent forms of entertainment like video games and football. Also most crimes are committed by males and they populate to prisons. Men also have the history of starting and waging war look at the biggest wars like WW1, WW2 and other revolution mostly started by men.
    Look at the Feminist movement, less violent and lead by women. But Communism lead by men= genocide and war... Men love violence

  • Human Adapt to environment.Human learn from surrounding

    Our behaviour is very much dependable over the stimuli that our mind receives from the environment. Considering the biological aspects of human that DNA of a person frames his reaction to any action is true.This reaction is caused after perception. Perception of a child is completely based on his DNA. As we see a child grow we observe that some kids have more violent reaction than others. But this perception can be molded if given a proper surrounding. If a child grows up in a healthy environment and raised with proper parenting then the violent behaviour can be eradicated. Not to let kids watch TV programmes with aggressive content is beneficial. Also parents should examine how their kids react to certain violent event and treat them accordingly.

  • I don't agree with the "attributed to being masculine" portion

    Violence is learned behavior. We see violence, in the form of words and physical action, and thus use it in circumstances that we deem fit to do so. I don't think aggression isn't necessarily "learned" so much as inherent, meaning you don't see aggression like you see violence. It just is. Granted it is sometimes productive, when used properly. However, I don't think it is simply a masculine trait. It is just as likely that a woman is aggressive, although there is a difference in how it is seen. I don't think it is solely masculine though, so I have to say no.

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Heineken says2013-11-29T15:29:29.667
It's a little more complicated than a yes or no. I'd say it's a fair mixture of both.
markmac says2013-11-30T21:04:20.763
Thanks for the reply the reason I ask this question is we are studying applied social care. We were asked what we believe it is to be masculine? If you could ezplain a little more that would be great. I grew up with girls in my home environment, however, when I left the house I had to fight and be tough to prove my manhood in our area.
The_Serb says2014-04-14T20:30:07.377
Part learned, part gender-specific chemistry such as testosterone