• I am one

    I am confused by the theory of god because there really isn't evidence but a old book where there are even translations that were proven wrong. Ex. "Jesus walked on water" Actually was wrongly translated and said Jesus walked by water. So how many other things could of been translated wrong? Being agnostic doesn't mean we are unhappy, it means we are unsure, whether or not our family supports it can make one feel happy or unhappy.

  • Yes (and No)

    Agnostics are just like any other group of people. They will have a wide variety of moods and outlooks on life. Some will most likely be very happy about the state of the world and their place in it. Others will, invariably, be miserable about anything and everything. It all depends on which particular agnostic you ask.

  • Agnostics are happy like everyone else; if they were not, they would change their situation.

    I believe that agnostics are happy because if they weren't, they would do something to change it. While most people who believe strongly in religion feel that only they can be happy, I'm sure it's difficult for them to understand that happiness can also exist in "grey" areas, and in people who have weaker religious beliefs.

  • Yes, despite no reward at the end of the rainbow.

    There may be no reward at the end of an atheist/agnostic's life, but that doesn't mean that they're not happy. You can still be happy without gaining the reward of maximal happiness, to say simply. Personally, an eighty year long life is long enough for me, believe it or not.

  • Why shouldn't they be?

    If there are unhappy Christians, Muslims, and Buddhist, why can't there be happy agnostics/atheists. If you say they are not happy, you are saying it is physically impossible to be happy. If you say that, you are implying that every single person with a religion is happy, and that is just plan ignorant.

  • Agnostics are happier with a life of mystery.

    Why do you think agnostics choose to believe in what they believe? They are happier with their decision. They're happy because some of them have been taught all their lives to believe in this and that and this and that, but never had a chance to question those beliefs because it's sinful. Come on... I'm very happy not knowing what's going to happen next. The whole thing is a mystery to me and I like it that way.

  • Yes, there's no reason they shouldn't be.

    I really have no reason to think that agnostics as a group are not any less happy that the rest of the people who live in the world. Just because they do not have a definite belief in a specific God, their doubts do not make them any less happier.

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