• airlines are becoming excessively greedy withunfair fees.

    Airlnes have been posting record-high profvits and coming up with new ways to squeeze passengers for money by unfair fees for baggage, extra leg room and snacks. Baggage fees are just another example of unfair fees, when airlines are posting enormous profits and benefiting from low fuel prices. They should be discouraging people from bringing too much carry-on baggage and focus on making air travel less rather than more expensive.

  • Particularly on domestic flights, baggage fees are too high

    Time and time again, I set at airport gates in advance of my flights and hear the representative announce that they would like whoever is willing to check their bags, as there is limited space in the cabin. This is becoming more and more commonplace - people rarely take enough luggage to warrant checking a bag. They are likely deterred by the price. And why? As far as I know, there is no shortage of space. It is ridiculous that as plane ticket prices continue to rise, bag fees have stayed the same or even increased, in some cases.

  • Baggage fees unfair

    I believe that airline baggage fees are inherently unfair because the airline, as one of the few ways that people have available to them to travel such a distance, are essentially in a position of having a monopoly. They can therefore charge extortionate amounts for people to carry on extra luggage.

  • Baggage fees are not unfair but are they necessary?

    Airline baggage fees are an annoying part of flying now days. Though it seems that the price of a bag should just be included in with the cost of ticket, this would actually be the unfair part. If people are able to fly with just small carry on luggage such as a backpack or small suitcase they should not have to pay as much as someone who checks in a large stuffed suitcase. Making the average business traveler pay as much as the seldom flyer is the unfair part.

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