Are aliens passing down technology to us?

Asked by: knu
  • Aliens are passing down technology to us.

    Over the years, the growth and progress of technology has been unprecedented. There are questions as to how and who make these things up. The answer is simple; technology is the product created out of human's curiosity. 'Aliens' have something to do with it. When we say aliens, it basically means 'odd', a foreign. So meaning to say, it isn't literally the aliens we think as a child. Those 'aliens' are the people living outside one's country. There are things that could not be easily done in a certain country. Instead, they need back-ups outside; hence, the interference of the aliens. They- the aliens- tend to insinuate new ideas to a particular country. As a result, the country would be able to create gadgets and any other stuff that would show an increment in the advancement of technology.

  • Aliens are a superfluous explanation.

    The primary motivation for supposing this is that it's hard to conceive how technology has advanced so rapidly in the last 200 years when progress was comparatively slow over the last 100,000 years. This is supposition is unwarranted

    You must consider the recursive nature of technology. You use the technology available to you to improve upon that technology. That creates the next generation of inventions, and you are able to use them to improve upon that generation's technology by even larger increments than were done previously. Technology feeds back in on itself so that the more technology you have, the more you're able to invent. This is most obvious in computing systems, where the chips of today are used to create the chips of tomorrow and so forth.

    This kind of relationship is called an exponential, when you increase by ever expanding increments. To demonstrate the power of an exponential consider that if you count linearly (2, 3, 4, 5...) then after 30 steps you will arrive at 30. If, however, you count exponentially (2, 4, 16, 256), then after 30 steps you will arrive at 1,073,741,824.

    The sudden technological leap we've undergone is more easily explained by recursively improving technology than by outside agents introducing gadgets through secret channels.

  • I dont think so

    Aliens wont give us technology because we use technology to kill each other, humans have been reverse engineering alien technology however since the days of roswell and maybe before, maybe aliens are giving just little bits of technology at a slow rate telepathically . Its a mystery but i wouldnt say they are giving us technology but I dont know for sure , good question

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