• Aliens are real!!

    There is no possible way to tell if aliens are real. Nasa states on there website that they are only 20 years away from finding other life forms, they said that since humans live, there has to be another form of life. Most people just go ahead and assume aliens are fake because they just don't look real, or they just are unbelievable. Try believing in something for a change. YOU CANNOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER!! Its like saying God isn't real, most people have never seen him, but yet we still choose to believe because everyone talks about him and how wonderful he is. We may not have proof as of right now, but we are sure looking forward to getting some.

  • Of course they are real...

    Life can thrive in enviroments that we cant even imagine, in heat and in freezing temperatures. The panspermia theory suggests that life didnt originally exist on earth but was brought from other planets on asteroids and comets to earth. Aliens don't have to be large or intelligent they could simply be bacteria which we have, medically, seen thousands of times... THEY ARE REAL

  • I think they are.

    We have no evidence, but that means we That may have not been seen or the light years reach us at prehistoric times for them so there waiting until were at an equivalent intelligence as them. For all we know we are at the equivalent to them but if we are we are all screwed because earth sucks, and Humans are horrible, we don't care and use slaves or child labor.

  • Doesn’t mean if you haven’t seen ,it’s fake!

    First of all, this universe is very big .And the chances are we can’t be the only one on this solar system. There are creatures outside earth that we haven’t discovered yet! And aliens could be one of them. Maybe their secretly spying on us and we don’t know because they’re more advanced then us!(who knows?). And if aliens are fake the first place then why would they have become a question or thought.🤔👽

  • They are real

    Extra terrestrial life has to be real. With all the information we have it is shown in alot of things that life on other planets is possible.Stephen hawking says"‘The idea that we are alone in the universe seems to me completely implausible and arrogant" NASA says its possible too. If we are alive then their are other life forms too.

  • Yes, they are.

    First of all, our universe is HUGE, we can’t possibly be the only life in it!
    Second, why do people think aliens are creatures in UFOs that say “Greetings earthling, we come in peace” or something? Something doesn’t have to be intelligent for it to be alive. They could be simple as bacteria, and probably are.
    Third, there is evidence of possible life beyond earth. See this article:
    As you can see, Enceladus is habitable.

  • They're real look down

    The universe is MASSIVE. There is an estimated 200 BILLION stars in our galaxy alone. It is thought that there are 200 billion other galaxies- that humans can see. According to scientific research, it is highly thought that there is a great many number of other galaxies. Most people think of aliens as slimy blobs in disk shaped flying things zooming round the galaxy. I don’t have a heck of a clue where that started, but people are hooked onto it now. ‘Alien’ means foreign, so in the space case aliens are other beings. Aliens could be tiny microbes or bacteria on places we don’t know of. Or they could be highly intelligent civilised things spying on us, waiting for the right time to come down. Beyond the 200 billion galaxies we can see, where there is a high chance of other galaxies, aliens could be residing. Considering how large our universe is and how us as a species haven't even travelled out of our own galaxy its completely possible that there is some sort of life other that our own somewhere out there. Take one look at the logic of the Drake equation and you'll see the high probability of alien existence.

  • Aliens might just be bacteria.

    Have humans gone up to every planet in the looking for bacteria. Did they even try to find it any where but mars and the moon. Or made its fungus or moss. We haven't searched every where so how do we know they do not exist. Its not likely that aliens have u.F.Os are abducting people. So for now they are real.

  • Seeing is not believing

    No one can say they are real or not but is is very likely that they are real. For people that say they aren't real, means that they better not believe in God. No one has seen God before but they believe in him. The only argument that people say against believing is that there is no proof.

  • Aliens do exist

    Look at it this way...We cant be the only ones with life...We cant have the solar system or universe by our self. Plus how do we have technology? How was technology created?...I dont think that we made the technology because its impossible that we got technology just like that. I think that technology was created when an U.F.O crash in our planet and we got some tech from them that we can handle. Those who dont think that aliens are real...I want you to look at yourself because we our self are aliens because we came from space...Plus we say aliens to things outside our world and what is outside our world are also calling us aliens so yeah i think aliens do exist

  • Aliens? Not real.

    Aliens are not real because i said so. I mean, think about it. Whats proof do we really have that aliens DO exist? We have no proof and it is just a myth. That is why people of the planet earth should be more logical about their reasoning and should think before they say aliens exist.

  • I never saw an alien before in my life

    We are learning about aliens now and people are saying aliens really are real. But I don't think they are real I think they are a myth or made up or a fairy tale and I also don't think they live on different planet and if life doesn't exist on other planets that means that aliens couldn't exist

  • No, aliens do not exist.

    There is no proof of aliens ever visiting Earth. All government agencies deny their existence as well. NASA, who has incredibly powerful probes and sensors and cameras, has also denied this. Furthermore, the chances of life existing on another planet is infinitesimally tiny. We are alone in this universe. Perhaps other planets can be manipulated for human life, but it is highly unlikely that any life independent of Earth exists out there.

  • What happen if actually the aliens all this time have been special secret projects or experiments of the government. .

    I don't say it to sound dramatic or something else but I mean not just the government, Maybe another scientific research groups with more advanced technology and information have been testing with a lot of things and for accident they created ''ALIENS'' and they not to seem guilty created theories about strange life outside our world, Cause I think that the great powers of the whole world are able to do many things and hide them. That's just my opinion ¯\_(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)_/¯

  • Mostly no, but I can see both sides.

    Ok i do not believe in the types of aliens that are shown in movies and such. I believe in microscopic organisms not capable of anything humans can do. The earth is so messed up I think high functioning beings would have taken over by now. Plus we have not gotten any solid evidence in the past century.

  • Rubbish who believes is stupid donkeys

    Aliens? Not real. Aliens are not real because i said so. I mean, think about it. Whats proof do we really have that aliens DO exist? We have no proof and it is just a myth. That is why people of the planet earth should be more logical about their reasoning and should think before they say aliens exist.Aliens? Not real. Aliens are not real because i said so. I mean, think about it. Whats proof do we really have that aliens DO exist? We have no proof and it is just a myth. That is why people of the planet earth should be more logical about their reasoning and should think before they say aliens exist.

  • Nope. Maybe, but mostly no.

    Right now, you might be thinking; who thought there were aliens? You might think: “The guy’s a hero!” or “That’s completely absurd!” Whoever thought of aliens has a reason too, though. When science couldn’t, or still can’t explain things, people think aliens did it. Those that stick to science have a reason, too. In my opinion, both theories are reasonable, but only one can be true since we are debating over a creature’s existence. People wonder how people could build things like pyramids so precisely without the help of high tech machines? Still, there is absolutely no scientific evidence of the existence of aliens. I vote for no.

  • They are not real

    Now a days we can't even say that what we find on the internet is fake or not. We can't discard the possibility that they may exist but there has not being any proof of that. There are many photoshop pictures and com'on if you search for unicorns you will find fake pictures

  • Aliens are a myth.

    If you believe in aliens that's like saying you believe in mermaids and unicorns. How can you believe something when you don't even have proof? Anyone can walk outside and hear a strange noise and assume it's an alien. People tend to Photoshop pictures. It's just a big hoax to make people argue.

  • Alien are not real don't belie that junk please

    I don't think aliens are real they could be photo
    shot and its just stupid I am a kid but I am not stupid aliens are not real plus if there was aliens it would be on the news I mean really?I hate to say it people out there that are trying to find real footage of aliens but they are not real I mean who would want them to be real they would heart us.Just lime ghost stories I don't think there real but I only believe in the holy ghost plus why would GOD make such a thing.-Will Farrell

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