• Yes, They do.

    Aliens do indeed exist.

    And do not physically always manifest their presence in ways we have become familiar with through mediums like books, Movies, Etc. . ,

    They are a potpourri of personalities. Not all of them are bullies or scavengers who seek human beings for experiments or sexual favors, But not all of them emanate the pleasant and efficaciously benevolent charm of the character who made his debut in the movie E. T, Directed by Steven Speiberg.

  • I think aliens are real

    The universe is HUGE! We can't be alone. I imagine when we die are bodies travel to another planet to live their with aliens. I can't really imagine what they might look like. Their might even be different colors! Different species no doubt about that. I think aliens are real.

  • Aliens are not possible

    If aliens were very well real then I am sure we would have them in textbooks and scientists agree that they do exist but that is not the case. Besides we have no scientific proof that they are real. And we have satellites constantly taking pictures of space and never once has it taken a picture of an alien spaceship.

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