Are Alienware good PCs or are they overpriced pieces of junk?

Asked by: Dishoungh
  • Alienware machines are solid machines but they are overly priced.

    Alienware PC's are fantastic machines but you will pay a premium. You can build a near identical PC by yourself for far less money. Simply look at all the parts of an Alienware PC you are interested in, and then price them out individually at newegg.Com

    You will find that you can build the same PC with the same internal specifications as an Alienware for FAR less money.

    Alienware PC's are very good computers but you can build the same computer by yourself at a massive discount by buying the parts individually.

  • Alienware PCs are overly priced and are said to have bad components.

    The only reason Alienware is so expensive is because of the LED lights it has. Though I believe it as worth it, the battery is said to have complications. Having battery complications on a GAMING PC that's worth more than $700 is a pretty bad sign. If you really don't mind that issue, then go ahead and get it. Really, it only happens with the laptops.

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