Are Alienwares good PCs (Yes) or are they just overpriced pieces of junk (No)?

Asked by: Dishoungh
  • Depends on weather you value your time, and aesthetics.

    Yes, it's obvious that you can, for example, build your own PC that is more powerful then an alien-ware. But, people, (people like me) have value on their time. Although Alienware is expensive, I'm willing to pay that extra money so the people at the company can build my computer for me, and so I don't have to use upvmy own personal time building one. Not only this, but an Alienware looks better then a home made pc, and many other brand pc's, aesthetically. It's made itself well known as a brand name, giving it more value. Just because the PC isn't as powerful as other computers, doesn't mean it's junk, and most certainly doesn't mean it's overpriced. (Remember, your paying for all those shiny lights as well!) :D Thank you.

  • It depends on the person and how he/she values it.

    I built a nice high end gaming PC and it cost about $1100. I looked for similar parts on an Alienware desktop computer and it was closer to $1600. I suppose it would have to do with the lights and how you value them. My PC has no lights and I don't really care. As the first computer I ever put together, it took a couple of hours so time would be another factor. I had fun doing it though so I wouldn't count it. Really, the lights is all they offer (I don't own an Alienware though). The lights are cool, but another $400 is not worth it to me. It might be to others though. Most people won't spend $400 on lights and stuff like that; you could get a better video card for that extra money. Personally, I care for performance only, the appearance doesn't matter.

  • I only say no because people who are informed about PCs told me.

    They said that their PCs are overpriced and they have outdated hardware. Oh, I didn't just hear that from one or two people. I heard that from a dozen or more people. But, they could be all wrong. Maybe, Alienware PCs are really high quality PCs. They're probably just jealous that they can't afford one. Well, I'm not a PC gamer (not yet) and I'm going to build my own PC anyway. So I don't think it matters to me?

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