• The system is fucked

    No one is inherently good or bad; no baby is born evil. No matter how many good intentions you have as a cop, You are still working under a corrupt system. Being in a position of authority is what makes cops bad. The criminal justice system is fucked, Therefore all cops are bastards.

  • Not all are bad.

    In my opinion its way too harsh to say that all cops are bad. Police are required in a society. Though the system is really corrupt, Still their existence is necessary. Bad and dishonest cops will be there no matter what but that doesn't mean good and honest ones don't exist.

  • I'm keeping them

    I want the police to stay because they save lives, Stop criminals, And more good things. All you black folks think your above the law because of your rough past and anyone who disagrees like the police are bastards. All you want is revenge and I'm like okay, Go ahead and consume the poison. The percentage of bad people in a group of good people is low and the police are included so lets not punish 1000 people for the stupid actions made by a few.

  • Most aren't - maybe some are

    Most cops are completely fine and even join the force to protect society. Of course, Some are corrupt and, Unfortunately, It is possible that some of the higher-ups are controlled by politicians, But I would never go as far as to say that cops are bad. The majority of the time they get it right and serve justice. If not, You have the right to disagree and bring your argument to court. Yes, It's expensive, But it's to save pointless back-and-fourths. You could say that things like ACAB are generalising, But it's not even just making a stereotype - MOST cops are amazing! We all need strong people to protect the weaker and that's a biological fact. It's better if it's organised so as to stop more injust apprehensions taking place.

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