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  • Of course not, there are black Confederates!

    There is a black confederate who hangs his confederate flag and he says its not racist but that is supports southern heritage and respects the fallen civil war soldiers on the confederate side. And he is most certainly not the only black confederate, there are many, many more in America.

  • The union owned more slaves than the confederates, so are all northerners racist?

    Lincoln and Grant owned slaves , while Lee did not! 9/10 Union troops owned slaves, dang do we need a history lesson? The US flag was the one recorded as being used by the kkk up until at least the 1950's. What exactly are the protestors protesting? I don't think they know. The confederate flag is the perfect example of why ppl fought and died for this country. The confederate flag represents freedom and constitutional rights. Why would anybody want to fight against freedom and rights? The south didn't fight to preserve slavery, it stood against oppression from the north, the south fought for justice, freedom and equality.

  • NO, it is unfair to say all southerners were racist

    My greatx3 grandfather fought for the south. He was from North Carolina and did not own slaves according to the 1860 census, and other records- nor did anyone in his family. While 28% of North Carolinians owned slaves in 1860, only 26% of all families in all of the slave states owned slaves. (1)Consequently, not all confederates owned slaves, nor were all of them racist. Are you to say that the north was not racist? A Colonel from the 1st Michigan Cavalry, at Camp Lyons, stated in 1861-

    "The commanding officer is surprised and mortified to learn that Negroes, the servants of officers, have the dare to parade this camp in the uniforms of soldiers. The honorable distinction which the soldier's uniform confers, and of which every true soldier is justly proud, cannot, and in this command shall not be so dishonored and degraded. The negro hereafter found wearing the uniform of the soldier of the regiment, will be stripped at once, and if within the encampment, summarily ejected." By order of T. L Broadhead Col. Commanding. (2)


    Bottom line? No, not all confederates were racist- and to say no one in the north was is preposterous

  • Why are Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian country atrocities overlooked

    To me the Scots-Irish are pretty much innocent of all of this. Scots-Irish in the form of Dixie. Since the Confederacy was made by Scots-Irish wanting to gain back their land from the Anglo-Saxons who took over in 1740something. So yeah. The Union was way more racist. When the lynchings happened, Tennessee was pretty much Union. The Black Legions, who terrorized blacks, were from the North.

  • Not necessarily. It really depends.

    There were quite a few people who were confederates because they wanted to continue the atrocity of plantation slavery. Then there were many people who wanted to be confederates because they truly believed in state's rights. Then there were plenty of people in between, and a bunch of people who just went with it because they were afraid of the Northerners and they were regionalists.

  • No, but all racists are racist.

    A Confederation is an organizational structure, not an irrational thought process. Confederates merely subscribe to the ideal of, or allied within a Confederacy / Confederation. Racism is an irrational thought process whereby people convince themselves they are superior to others because of skin color or ethnicity. The idea that all Confederates must be racist is itself highly irrational.

    Posted by: Tink

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