• New York City

    . . . Is the Capital of Corruption in the United States. . Every single agency is corrupted and out of control as no one supervises and the government supports the corrupt behavior. They are hurting people thru the medical system, Incarcerating innocent men, Segregating the city by color, Race, And or financial status. The inequality is thick you can see it and smell it in the sir. . . And the United States government. . Approves. Watch Governor Cuomo murder 15000 people fit profit and get away with it. There is no justice in our justice system.
    Cuomo has been hurting people thru the medical system for many years. The body count is way way bigger than 15000. Doctors, Nurses, Social workers, Judges, Police men, Politicians. . . . Unfit to serve the public.

  • All Governments are Corrupt

    Governments are corrupt because of their bias along party lines and money from special interest groups. In our government, Which our forefathers intended it to be a Constitutional Republic, Not a Democracy of whatever is most popular, Or the most money from special interest groups. The Constitution was perfect as it was originally written, All it needed was to be followed and where needed enforced.

  • Those who seek power are already corrupt.

    It's a problem as old as Ancient Greece. Inferior personalities will always seek power for their own self-interest and it seems the world is full of them. The ultimate power drive is to have control over other people. Plato pondered the same question. If everyone who seeks power is unfit for public office, How can you find decent people to govern? In these days of AI, Couldn't we program a robot? Do we actually need government?

  • Yes they are

    All governments are corrupt. We are trained from day one to act a certain way ( school ) and then slavery starts. Look at the way people act and talk. We are robots. Every single system put in place is for government gain. We are born to work in low level jobs and high level jobs.

    Most of us are sheep

  • They exist to DOMINATE.

    They offer very little protection compared to the domination they force on their subjects. There has never been a real democracy at any point in history, and this is because democracy eliminates political power and those who wield it.

    No one has ever wielded political power correctly, and no one every will. Therefore it must be destroyed.

  • Narcisssim is rampant in politics

    Google search - 'Narcissism is rampant in politics' THEY ARE NOT THERE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE; THEY ARE THERE TO SERVE THEMSELVES!!
    Their interest is in money and power and they win elections not with truths but on how well they lie. DON'T TRUST POLITICIANS they are in power for THEMSELVES

  • More so than any of us not high up in the government could ever know.

    I guarantee it, so many secrets and stuff being kept hell just tonight on 60 mins. The Russian Prime Minister spoke about how he knows the US had a lot to do with Assad being forced out of his own country by terrorist. I dont think the prime minister of Russia would get on CNN and make a claime like that unless there was actually some truth too it. There is so much going on behind closed doors of every government .

  • Might Makes Right

    Life is survival of the fittest. It is bred into our DNA. When given power any individual will bend it for their own purpose, even if unintentional. Our social experiment to make all people equal is contrary to nature. We are born unequal physically and unequal in opportunity. Wish is were different but its not. There never will be true equality and "always" those in charge will eventually take all they can get away with given enough time in power.

  • Power attracts the corruptible

    Governments are life entities and would do whatever it takes to ensure its survival. Opponents and whistle blowers will disappear. Jobs and money will go to family and friends. Democracies are less corrupt than other types but are corrupt nonetheless. And a democracy will end when it's existence is threatened.

  • Yes, they are.

    The reason all governments are corrupt is because people run them. Any large entitiy has corruption within. But at least governments have people overlooking it and honest people and checks and balances. Unlike large corproations where there is corruption that most governments can't even begin to comprehend. It pales in comparison.

  • Not all politicians can be corrupt.

    Now i'm going to get this out of the way, i am no expert on politics and i know there are a lot of evil politicians. There are people out there who do not care about just the wealth and power of being a politicians. If you think about it this apply to all jobs, there are people out there people who just want the power, fame and money but there are just as many people who want to be real and help the world and its people out. I hope everyone respects my views and thank you for reading.

  • No, but there are many corrupt politicians .

    In fact, there are so many corrupt politicians that it may seem all governments are corrupt. However, I think they are just spoiled by the powerful ones who chose to ruin the system for their own personal gain. It makes the entire system look bad, and everyone loses faith because of their actions.

  • People Are Corrupt

    I do not believe all governments are corrupt. I believe all governments harbor corrupt people. In good circumstances there are far more honest and law-abiding citizens in the system than there are corrupt people, but in bad systems the odds are much slimmer. Not every human is upstanding and that is unfortunately where problems with government start.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that all governments are corrupt. I think that a government that is in a democracy can be perfect and not have any corruption, if the people who are voting do a good job and vote in someone who is not going to be a bad leader.

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