Are all Human beings Hypocrites & Liars in some ways. . ? Is there Good and Evil within us all

  • I agree that every human holds traits of "good" and "evil" within them.

    I could state that "no one is perfect, " yet that would lead many subjects to question. You have to look at how you are defining "good" and "evil. " "Good" traits within a people could be those of compassion, Empathy, Happiness, Open-mindedness, Etc. "Evil" traits could be those of anger, Manipulation, Self-centeredness, Cold-hearted, Etc. No person alive can truthfully state that they have never acted upon some form of "evil" behavior. Religious believers hold that only Jesus Christ lived a completely sinless life. After Eve bit the apple, Sin would forever remain among us. However, If you do not believe in those types of statements, You can think about your life or others. Can you name any person in your life who has not hurt you or someone else at least once? What about yourself? Now, These questions are not to attack the reader. I have not lived a perfectly "good" life. Therefore, I agree that everyone possesses some form of "good" and "evil" within their souls.

  • There is no Good or Bad, Only benefits

    Humans in essence are no different to animals, We eat, Sleep, Reproduce and then die. Would you judge a lion as evil for killing another lion, Or killing its prey? Or would it be better to call it good because it didn't kill the other lion or its prey.

    What we define good and evil are actions that are beneficial to us and the community, Anything that detracts from this is evil. A serial killer is considered evil because his actions pose a danger to us. He/she causes us to feel negative emotions that aren't good, Therefore he/she evil.

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