• I am No Different than you are

    Just because I maybe Black or African American does not mean that i am not capable of doing the same thing that a Caucasian can do. As a matter of fact I know some Caucasian's that can not do things that I am capable of doing. I also know females that can do things that i am not able to do

  • All men are created equal but all men do not develop equal.

    Yes, all men are born with a penis. That makes them equal. The mind at birth is a clean slate. How they develop makes men unequal by the time they reach puberty. I was created equal but I am smarter than 99% of the population because I developed that way. You are not my equal. I'm not saying I am better than you---just not equal.

  • Yes, we all have the same value.

    I believe that all men are created equal. Not everybody is or looks the same, but everybody deserves the same rights and opportunities. Some people in the world believe that not everybody is equal, that not everybody deserves the same, that some people don’t deserve to be treated equal. No matter what the color of your skin, your race, or your ethnicity you are equal to everybody.
    Some people might think that if you are black then you aren’t as good as they are, but there are people from all races and ethnicities that have been famous for being intelligent or good at a sport. Just because someone isn’t as smart as others mean that they aren’t equal. They just didn’t get as good of an education, had personal problems, or didn’t make good decisions. If we weren’t equal then one race or ethnicity would take over and the other races or ethnicities would extinct. Everybody is created equal and should be treated equally.

  • Equality as a Guarantee?

    We are: equally innocent, equally dependent, and equally insured by the Dec. of Ind. free to pursue happiness. However, there is no guarantees that we will all develop the same abilities, share the same experiences, or have the same desires. Our government for example can build Universities insuring that all citizens have the same opportunities to attend, it cannot insure your willingness, personal circumstances or ability to attend. As the FDA can limit the drugs marketed, insure a certain quality but cannot insure that every citizen will metabolize a drug in the same way. No one is perfect, no country, no government can guarantee complete equality when government is of the people for we are after all equally human.

  • Yes

    Yes actually I think so. All men are at least born equal and will later chose how they want to be treated (subconciously of course) but yes they are created equal. Can you consider one unborn child better than another? Babies are all equally important wether you are born a prince or a slave in your mother's womb, completely innocent, you are equal.

  • All men equal

    We all were born equal. With nothing but our physical body. No common sense, no money, no education. That is something we develop over the years. How can we call one child more successful or more wealthy when it has just arrived in this world. It has nothing. We need to understand that. And give everyone equal rights.

  • Of course they are

    All men are created equal because everyone has an equal chance to succeed in life and everyone has the chance to do some thing good. Family background doesn't make a difference because only that person can make a change to their behaviour or educational abilities. So all men have a chance to succeed so yes everyone is equal.

  • Dna, a recipe for perfection, doesn’t discriminate

    Evolution supplies each member of a species with the same DNA, allowing each the same level of perfection. Some lions are not born inferior to other lions. The same with humans. But while lions become perfect lions, if there’s no genetic damage or environmental shortcomings, humans are not genetically equipped with the appropriate instincts and anatomy to automatically become perfect members of the species Homo sapiens. However, we have been genetically equipped with a rich imagination, creative talents and the freedom of choice to overcome the challenges of life. Our perfection is described in Matthew 5: our goal must be to use our innate talents fully so as to become the salt of the earth (i.E. The spice that gives culture it’s variety). In a nutshell, Matthew 5:48: “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Jewish psychiatrist Alfred Adler (1870–1937) elaborated: “God who is eternally complete, who directs the stars, who is the master of fates, who elevates man from his lowliness to Himself, who speaks from the cosmos to every single human soul, is the most brilliant manifestation of the goal of perfection.”

  • Equal but Different

    Others have already pointed this out, but, to reiterate: Those saying "yes" are saying "yes" to all men being equal as objects of intrinsic value and worth; those saying "no" are saying "no" to all men being equal of ability and life circumstances. These two votes are not mutually exclusive. Most of us probably believe both positions.

    All humans are intrinsically valuable and equally needing of love, compassion, and grace. At the same time, it is an obvious, observable fact that individual humans are different from one another in the life circumstances which influence them and the choices they make. A mass murderer, a Christian saint, and a young child are all equal in their underlying nature as human souls-- but they are not 'the same' in terms of what they have been exposed to and how they have responded.

  • But with conditions

    Let me clarify my answer. When I say all men are created equal, I mean we are all born with a blank slate - no knowledge, no common sense, nothing but a physical body and a mind with the potential to do great things. Things get complicated when you start to factor things in like the learning environment, outside influences, and living conditions, which affect the way humans develop (and often unequally).

  • It is not fair, but it is true that we are not all created equal.

    Some of us are born with physical or mental disabilities, others are born into financially insecure families and thus have significantly less opportunities in life rather than the more financially stable denizens of the world. Some are even limited by their family. For example, only a very select few people could become king or queen of a nation because a family lineage that is exclusive to blood relatives. While these are true, it is no excuse to act as if we are not all created equal. No person chose the circumstances they were born into and is therefore unethical and illogical to judge others based on their intelligence, appearance, or family.

  • Reality, it's unavoidable, realization.

    We are not equal: spiritually as determined by drive, physically due to some chemistry fluctuations, penis size, height, mental capacity due to chemical imbalances-deformities etc-. What would make you think other wise? Oh hmm all men are created equal of biblical proportion? Don't believe everything you read. By the way the above list goes on and on.

  • Privileged vs Non-privileged

    You can't say that a person who is born in a poverty stricken area is equal to a person born in a first world country such as Canada or the U.S.A. These first world citizens are born privileged just by the area they were born. They are more privileged and not equal.

    Posted by: Heth
  • Of Course Not

    This is a fact. Even when you take all types of equality into account you still end up with the result that we are not equal. Whether this is physically, mentally, or opportunity, no one is truly equal. We all strive to be the best, but some people are just better gifted. Look at all the handicapped people, they are still humans, but they are not equal physically. I could constantly list other situations to prove that we are all not equal.

  • We have always lived in a Competitive Society

    If one were to take a look from 1,000 miles away & drop all bias they would see a remarkable hypocrisy. Humans as a species have always & will always compete to find who is superior, the Ego. Even in modern day for example consider the Olympics. All Nations competing against one another to prove superiority. Television is flooded with 'Reality Shows' that receive more votes for singers than ballots for Presidents & just about everything on the Media is based on scaring one another into influence or purchases. We live in a time & society where even the Vatican declares their belief in science which would have you labeled as a Heretic during the Crusades. All People should have equal rights, however it would be a misunderstanding to believe that all people are Equal. Often one is asked who is the judge of this value? You are the Judge of all values within your own mind, I am simply stating facts; what you decided to perceive it as is your judgment & opinion. We are Simply Animals in an endless game to confuse & beat each other & ideally come out on top, calling a rose by any other name is just as sweet.

  • People are not equal, regardless of what makes you sleep at night.

    There are people with an objectively lower quality of living. There are people who are more satisfied with their life. It was all a matter of luck regarding who you were born as. But it's not out of your control. If you want to reach the top, work for it.

  • Everyone should have equal rights to a peaceful existence and protection under the law but people are not equal.

    Nearly everything in nature has a distribution, some traits follow a normal or bell curved distribution, IQ, height, weight, mathematical aptitude, various psychological traits and so on. For any population or trait, there will some exceptionally endowed with that trait and some who are lacking. Some populations will have lower averages than others - this is not bias it is scientifically established - however even in the population with the lowest mean, there can be outliers who outperform nearly anyone. Individuals can deviate from the population but on average, by its very definition they do not. It is important not to base everything on exceptions but more on the rule - don't delude oneself. It is clear that people do not have equal physical prowess and certainly they do not have equal mental prowess either. Regardless of what they are given by nature, some people squander it away in an unproductive even parasitic life whereas some who have had large adversity, work hard to make the world a better place. People are definitely not equal in accomplishments and those who accomplish should be recognized. Being PC and calling everything equal when it is not encourages mediocrity. Students who excel should be recognized and those who don't apply themselves to anything should not be called "creative" to make them feel better when they have created no piece of art, engineering marvel or mathematical explanation for the nature of the universe. Empty praise and the cult of "self-esteem" has done countless harm to our society - this need to make everything equal when it clearly is not does no one a service and weakens all. Help the talented excel and help everyone else figure out their limits and find a productive thing to do with their life - it is fine to pursue longshots but encourage people to have a realistic fall back also.

  • Neither beauty, brains nor physical and psychological strength are allocated equally.

    The only way people can inject fairness into the lottery of life is by affording equal opportunity for all people so they can achieve their potential. Unfortunately we don't even allow that. The dice are loaded even before we are born and everybody knows it....Whether they admit it or not. And the few unlikely success stories which are rolled out to cow criticism of a corrupt, unfair society are merely the exceptions that prove the rule.

  • How are we created equal when everyone's background and social status is different.

    Some are black some are white, hatian, dominican, asian, african, arabian etc. Yes we all come into the world the same way, but we are all born with different social statuses. Some are born rich, while others will unfortunately have to suffer for the remainder of their lives. Time goes on and who gets treated with more respect and has more oppurtunity to do things with their life? The fithy rich or the dirt poor? Money is the key essential to everyones lives no matter what anyone says. Without it the world could not exist. The poor man could possibly rise to the top but it would be very hard for him to do. While the rich man already has everything he needs. We are created equal. But the opportunities vary dramatically.

  • Equal legally, with equal rights, but not equal potential.

    The phrase is overused today. It was meant to assert that everyone had equal basic rights, not that everyone is equal in all ways. People have different abilities and aptitudes, some above average and some below (that's the meaning of "average"). People need to accept that a range of abilities is not a bad thing, and that academics are only one measure of intelligence and potential.

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emospongebob527 says2013-02-20T22:20:52.500
Lol, Being created equal comes off the premise "being created" which is implied but not substantial enough to hold up.
Anonymous says2013-03-06T09:26:02.600
The question is ambiguous.

Are we taking a perception of how law treats an individual or physiological makeup? Please clear this up and get to the real debate.

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