Are All Men Potential Rapists, As some Feminists claim, Is there a Rapist in every man?

  • All Humans are potentially evil

    Ignoring very special and edge cases e. G those in a coma or men who are not able to express their will, All men are potential rapists or could direct someone to rape on their behalf if they are not able to. It should be fairly obvious that all human beings have the potential to commit 'evil' (however defined) acts under the right circumstances. Even if you claim you personally are a pure-soul that can never be corrupted, Something like a traumatic head injury can have serious personality trait changes. So yes under certain circumstance you too could potentially become a rapist, This should be obvious.

    I guess what you're really trying to ask is do men have a higher propensity for rape than let's say women, Who from the logic above all also have the potential to be rapists. The data would suggest yes, For example in 2012 there were 4, 394 convicted female sex offenders vs. 70, 930 male sex offenders. The difference is even more extreme in developing countries. So Men as a population sample have a higher propensity to be rapists vs. Women and then obviously within the male population some individuals will have a higher propensity than others.

  • Of Course Not!

    I'm a guy, So it would make sense for me to disagree but I'll give two reasons. One, Both men and women can be rapists, So saying that only men can rape would be false (and yes, I do understand that is most often men). Second, Disabled men wouldn't have the potential to do this. I'm not saying that men that aren't disabled have the potential, But I AM disproving this statement because NOT all men have the potential to do this. I, For one, Know that I would never do this. I also know for a fact that MANY men would not take part in this.

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