Are all modern mainstream music videos about sex? Why/why not?

Asked by: elisecimino
  • Its all about sex!

    Okay so you may get the rare video that doesn't have anything to do with sex but majority of music videos now are classified as soft porn, i personally think they are like this to boost popularity of the song. For example Miley Cyrus's 'wrecking ball' was banned resulting in everyone wanting to see it causing it to become so popular. Music industry's are using sex to promote music.

  • Um, What, NO!

    Of course not! Most teenage pop music videos are about fun and enjoying life. Want examples? Good Time, Happy, Shake It Off, Live While We're Young and lots of other videos. Maybe you have a bad video here and there but lots of them are about having fun! Don't judge all of them just because you found A bad apple!

  • Yes, the music video’s have sexy young women in them. 99% of the time. It is a way to attract the viewer. Sex sell’s

    Yes, and most all things sold in the media include sex. They include a beautiful woman/girl with sexy clothing, or a sexy voice, and or a sexy look to either entice the view in the background or be at front and center of the topic. Start paying attention to everything that you watch…How much sex was well as perfect bodies and pretty faces do you see? How much of that do see in the real world? It’s all a fantasy, and it is fueling the fire for our teens and even younger kids to feel inadequate about themselves if they can’t achieve beauty.

  • No, not all mainstream music videos are about sex, but a lot of them are.

    Why are most mainstream videos about sex?
    Well, the answer is simple, sex sells!
    That's usually why the video/song is mainstream.
    Other songs that are not in the sex category are mainstream because their either very catchy, or a typical radio music.
    You can't say that all music nowadays are involved in sex just because a lot of them are! That's like saying ALL people in the USA are white, just because the majority are white.

  • Becoming much too popular a method of selling music

    Occasionally, you get a musician who isn't using sex at all. Above, a poster stated that "shake it off" was not using sex as a method of gaining attention...Have you forgotten about some of the dancers in that video??? Yes, the song is fun and upbeat and is much milder than most (such as the example pictured above lol) but it is still displaying some sexuality. While not all songs are directly about sex, such as shake it off, using it in some form in most videos is becoming increasingly popular because without it, most people just don't find it that interesting. There are many MANY popular artists whose videos are not nearly as popular, reaching maybe the hundreds of thousands of views and why is this? Usually because the videos are devoid of anything sexual. The videos with millions of views tend to use some form of sex appeal in them to garner attention. Is it a bad thing? Not per say, but unfortunately people fall prey to a "monkey see monkey do" type thing and end up trying to emulate what they see in real life, which is the cause of the problem. No, you shouldn't walk around dressed like Nicki Minaj in Anaconda, but people do it.

  • What type of blasphemy is this?!

    Of course not! Videos are all about MONEY! Money is more important than anything else and you guys can't deny it. When you have the word "Money" in your username then you will understand the true meaning of life. Once again every single main stream music video is about money not about this thing you americans call "sex"\

    JDogMoney Out

    And You're Welcom

  • It depends on the singer

    If your taking about Nicki Minaj then I guess I could say yes,but there are so many other singers that don't base there songs on sex. If you said "yes" then you are not thinking about, well to name few Queen of break up songs Taylor Swift, Queen of female empowerment Beyoncé or all about the bass Meghan Trainor. Keep in mind that just a few!!!!!!

  • Of Course Not

    Not all music videos are about sex, though many are. There are many songs that are not about sex at all. I see what you mean though, in that a lot of songs are about sex. The reason is because the younger generations are starting to care less and less about the art of music, and all they really care about are possibly seeing a pair of breasts on a screen, and maybe a little bit of twerking.

  • It is about

    Money. Sex just happens to be what sells. If something sold better than sex, then that would be what is in music videos. Money is one of the only things that musicians care about. Who can honestly say that it is not about money? Who can honestly say that sex does not sell?

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