• All Muslims are terrorists!

    This is a proven fact that all Muslims are terrorists trying to destroy america. Muslims attacked the twin towers on 9/11. They attacked Paris. They attacked San Bernardino. They want to kill any one who doesn't agree with their religion because they believe they are inferior, they are the real intolerant people in this world and everybody thinks Americans are we don't want to kill everyone who doesn't agree with us.

  • That is a gross generalization.

    Saying that would be like saying all christians hate gays and blow up abortion clinics. This is of course not true, me being a christian I do not blow up abortion clinics or hat gays at all. I know a few muslims and they would be greatly offended by this generalization and rightfully so.

  • It's not appropriate to stereotype!

    Just because a group of radical terrorists that betrayed their religion under the name of Allah does not mean all Muslims are terrorists, just the radical ones. Ones like Laden and Hussein. Not all Muslims would even have the nerve to attack innocent people like the terrorists who attacked Manhattan, New York on the morning of 9/11, 2001. That was a terrorist act commanded by bin Laden whom had been trying to take down and terrorize America and the rest of the world for the longest time.

  • That is Simply Incorrect

    The idea that Muslims are all terrorists is an uneducated and ignorant assumption. There are 2.8 million Muslims in the United States according to a 2001 report. I have met some of them and the majority seem to live peacefully and are even patriotic. Some people like to just point fingers at Sunni Muslims because that sect is often the one associated with the extremist groups, but that is simply because of statistical coincidence. There are far more Sunni Muslims than Shia so that is a result of quantity. There are Shia extremists as well, but they are, obviously, less in number. There are Christian extremists (ex. KKK), Buddhist extremists (ex. 1966 Buddhist Uprising), virtually every religion has their violent extremists.

    Islam just happens to have more notable extremism because of the significance of the terrorism some members of their extremist faith commit and the many historical events leading up to this extremism to be caused. There is a vast difference between the extremists like Taliban and the peaceful Muslims who just wish to live their lives in society as law-abiding citizens.

  • No way. This will never be true.

    That is like saying that all Americans are fat. You can not make generalizations about these kinds of things. Every person thinks, acts, and looks a little different. Of course we all have some similarities but saying a group of people are terrorists just because of there religion is crazy. This statement will be NEVER true.

  • Stop this nonsense.

    This statement is embarrassing for the human race as a whole. We can not judge a whole religion on the actions of any part of the believers. As long as one of the core beliefs does not state that by partaking in this religion you are becoming a terrorist. None of the core beliefs of Islam, like the Five Pillars, the Tawhid, the Risalah or the Shahadah (which is ultimately one of the Five Pillars, just for the record), say that by becoming a Muslim you also take on the lifestyle and the title of a terrorist. Even if 99 % of Muslims were terrorists, even if we could link their association with terrorism to their religion, we could not justify the statement that all Muslims are terrorists because there still would be that one percent that follows all the beliefs of Islam yet does not associate with terrorist organisations.

  • Those who are terrorist are not Muslims:

    I am a Muslim myself and believe me Islam does not encourage terrorism nor does it promote war unless your enemy attacks you first. The Quran promotes mercy and forgiveness and modesty. Our Prophet Muhammad himself forgave the murderers of his uncle 'Hamza'. He also told the people to treat the prisoners of war well and on many occasions they converted to Islam because of the treatment they got. Imagine that treatment which turns a person who was on war with you that he himself wants to accept Islam. Terrorist are NOT muslims.

  • Of Course Not! But Islam is not a Religion of Peace

    This is such a derogatory misrepresentation of Muslims in General. Most people are thinking of the Extremeists types. It would just be like calling The Westboro Baptist Church "Christian". They aren't Christian, but a false church bent on hating non-CHristians instead of preaching Christ.

    It was the result of 911. People started making assumptions that all muslims were terroists. Again this is derogatory and wrong.

  • No, Most of Them Are Not

    As much as I am concerned with the growing Islamic population in the United States and Western Europe, it is unfair to punish them all for the actions of a few.
    Now, if the majority of them, or even 10% of them, become violent, then we'd have the justification needed to deport them all.
    But until then, 99% of Muslim-Americans are peaceful, and they just want to live their lives like everybody else.

  • Of Course Not!

    No one should be blamed for the actions of others. But unfortunately, we live in a society that does just that. The solution? Take the time to get to know people from all religions and nationalities. We are very fortunate to live in a country that has a diverse range of religions and nationalities. If we take the time to get to know people, who they are, what their likes and dislikes are, what their aspirations are, we can have our own "peace on earth" right here. We will not always like everyone we meet, and everyone will not like us. But we need to respect everyone's right to be who they are and not judge them by the actions of others no matter how heinous those actions were.

  • Of Course Not!

    No one can be judged by the actions of others. Unfortunately, we live in a society that does just that. The solution? Take time to get to know people of different backgrounds. Find out who they are, what they think, what their aspirations are. We are fortunate to live in a country where people from all faiths and nationalities dwell. A wealth of knowledge, if we take the time to break the barriers and get to know each other.

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RepublicanMan says2014-02-05T21:37:03.353
I must say I'm happy to see no yes answers.
Dilara says2014-09-13T03:41:32.367
Everyone has such great comments about this

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