Are all of the courses taken in school necessary to succeed in life?

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  • Everything has a reason

    Schools teach everything for a reason.Schools are supposed to have inspections yearly and if the inspectors feel like the subject the students are learning are useless they will tell the school. Common subjects such as Science, Maths, Literacy,Geography as well as History are and can be used for jobs which usually have a salary of quite a lot of money. This ladies and gentlemen is why i believe all the cources that are take in school are necessary to succeed in life

  • Yes. Almost all courses are required to produce a productive, intelligent citizen.

    Yes. Virtually all courses at public schools are required to produce a productive, intelligent, civilized citizen.

    English and Language Arts is required to teach people how to effectively communicate in our nation; Science is important in so far as it teaches people about the scientific method and about what separates good science from lousy, poorly thought-out assertions - plus much of the content is good to know; History teaches people about the past and provides them with an encyclopedia of successful and failed social policies and human patterns - very important to know; the importance of Math goes without saying; Physical Education ( P.E.) makes us appreciate the importance of exercise and physical activity in our lives, to optimize health; Art and Music Appreciation instills in us a respect for the aesthetic arts, which deepens our passion for life, individuality, and creativity!

    Virtually all school subjects ( many not mentioned in this post ) are important to produce productive, well-rounded people.

  • They all teach something

    They all help to develop different aspects of the mind. This helps the student to later use these skills in diffrent way. If they were never taught the idea or topic, when it does occasionally come up in real life, the individual would be incapable of working out the problem. Not saying that everything is important, but it is better to know, and not need that to need and not know.

  • Astronauts don't know how to read

    Math ,science,reading are all needed in todays world.Reading helps you drive a car science is used to make food,to make rockets and to make meds math is used in grocery stores and in recipes while some of these subjects may seem unnecessary at nearly every point in life we use all of them.

  • And then some, the courses are inadequate

    Students should understand finance, they should also understand how the things they use including their own bodies work. Hence we should throw in some basic anatomy, and some basic engineering. As medical knowledge and technology both become more complex everyone should have at least a basic knowledge of these subjects. They should also be introduced to computer programming.

    Nothing gets cut to make room. Students get longer school days. A lifelong studying ethic is promoted. Students spend more time training their brains and we get a nation of smarter people who value learning, information, reasoning, thinking, and aren't wasting so much time focusing on frivolous things like reality television. We are seriously falling behind. We need a radical solution to our problems by setting the goalpost high.

  • I don't think so...

    Ah yes, my favorite question, I say, no. The reason being that in math class you are finding x
    In what part of life outside of school will you need to find what x is?
    Think about that.
    And if you have anything to say, feel free to comment on this opinion.

  • Language, History, Math and Science.

    These four are necessary, the first two create a good citizen , hopefully an educated one who remembers the mistakes of the past. ANd by doing so maintains the culture that has seen the country become a world power. Lacking historical knowledge will lead people to associate themselves with lands and cultures that aren't remotely connected to them except if you trade back their blood line centuries. This creates division and urban decay, I need no mention which cities.

    Math and Science create an innovative human. Both of which have been the engine for human progress, but without the base of the first two it can create a monster who doesn't value human life, or someone who cares too much for human life and will sacrifice 100 to save 1, both extremes do not benefit us.

    However classes like music, dance, sports people like them but aren't necessary for the progress of our country nor our species. Yes people like dance, and yes there have been many good musicians in our human history but how many of those invented a cure? Led a military campaign to free a people, how many invented or further progressed mining technology. Historian, engineers and Medics, the holy trinity to add a bit of theology, of human progress.

    Posted by: N711
  • I do think so either

    I mean what about foreign languages, you learn about enough in several years to go to another country and say "Hello my favourite color is green". How is that useful.

    Half the skills I learned in school I have never ever used again. Including everything I learned in manual arts, music, languages, home ec, graphics and so on.

  • No not all school subjects are necessary

    For example in math people do not always use there curricular. If they are a construction worker they will need math to do things like angles. However if they are going to be an actor or a singer they might not use those curricular activities as much. It is my personal opinion though.

  • Not to the extent that they are

    I'll mainly use math as an example. You need a 20 level math in order to graduate high school. By that point, the majority of things that you learn are things like quadratic functions, how to find the area of a cylinder, etc. Although they are useful to some people, the majority of people will forget about how to use quadratic functions and be no worse off for it. Up to about grade 8 or 9 everything makes sense but after that a few mandatory classes are just weird.

  • Of course not!!!

    Most of the stuff I've learn in school I never needed later in life and I was an excellent student.
    We wasted so much learning irrelevant stuff at biology class, yet I still don't know how to give first aid.
    Chemistry? I don't know what's in my food or toothpaste, but I know bunch of good-for-nothing 'basic stuff'
    The list goes on. Curriculum should be more life-related and more specific meeting and developing the interests and potentials of a student.

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