Are all of the courses taught in school necessary for being successful in life?

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  • When will I need to know how to find the missing end of a triangle?

    Why cant I learn first aid, or how to get a job, how to do my taxes? What about how to help my depressed friend, or my friend who just downed a tide pod by accident. There are many things the school doesnt teach that could be more handy then proportions.

  • No, they are not all helpful.

    Most things in math after you learn the basic functions are things you will forget by 25. You most likely will never use them in your lifetime other than in schoolwork. Language is a great way to try to get students interested in other cultures, but most will never use the language they were taught after graduation. So, after graduation and even between years, school does not make us more intelligent, it tests what we remember even if we will never use it.

  • I don't think so.

    Do we really need need to find what x is? What will finding x do in life? Are we accually going to get a question for a job saying 1+ x = 13 Find x


    So why exactly do we need the course? (Seems useless to me.)

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