Are all or most things in life debatable, Open to interpretation, Opinion, Perspective, Definition?

  • Yes, Including pedophilia.

    "Society is full of people who love to find a reason to hate. This hatred is what harms children. The world is proliferated with young people who experience and enjoy sex. When those young people speak out in support of their experiences they are mocked and ridiculed by most of the same people who hate pedophiles. This is because ignorance hate knows no bounds. It is also because people love to absolve themselves of the responsibility of their own actions. It's always someone else's fault, Never their own. For how could they be wrong? Surely they are not the ignorant ones right? The modern day pedophile is the scapegoat for modern day society's failure to address sexual freedom appropriately. It's not that sex is harmless now that society has advanced to deal with stds and pregnancy, No it is all a conspiracy of evil vampire, Pedophiles from the planet Mars sexualizing our youth so that they can drink their blood and eat their flesh after screwing their brains out and sacrificing them to the Devil! It is time to get back to reality. If you have relationship problems it is because you have bad relationship skills and those are learned from experience. However, Sex is harmless, Having and orgasm never traumatized anyone. It is ignorance and hateful people that traumatize others. " - A wise man called Thanthan.

  • No most things are not debatable

    I would say this coz most of the things are related to one individual and when we try to discuss it in general simply it becomes mess and we go more far from truth so my point is everything is not debatable no doubting politics is debatable but life experiences not at all. . . They are unique ;)

  • Most things cannot stand long term on their own. . .

    The only things we really currently have the luxury to debate on are issues that borrow upon the stability of everything else around it in society. We can only debate on them now in ignorance. Once you have let enough time pass to know what works and what doesnt. . . There is no longer a debate. Regression happens when people forget those lessons and choose to live in ignorance for a time. It always catches up in the end.

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