Are all pastors, preachers, men of god actually frauds, humbug, superstitious?

Asked by: ark200
  • They are selling god

    God is not for sale, my friend. God is the light of the heart of being. Nobody can sell god. By the word "selling" i mean cherry picking of god's word so that people could be attracted to god. This practice is common to all religion: Christianity, Islam, Judaism Hinduism, islam. Everybody is selling god.

    For example: look at televangelists. They cherry pick god's word to tell people that god loves them. But the reality is not so.

    I think all of these seller of religion are fraud.

  • I'am as atheist as a self immolation terrorist is faithful,

    Yet I don't agree that people of God are frauds. I understand that the idea of God is biological in origin (our brains are physically adapted to believe in the supernatural), and therefore is no more than a illusion, as there are no facts at all proving the mere existence of God, yet its power and influence.

    Although I don't agree with people of faith I think and rather understand why does religions exist in the first place; religions were the institutions responsible for the behavior of their societies. For example religion in the middle ages dictated the ethical and unethical to every man on, from the king to the poorest peasant. It was the only way (through superstition) of controlling a rather crazy world, where people were very violent with each other and permanent wars were the norm of the day, rather than the exception.

    In this context pastors were in charged of preserving balance in society. Nowadays religion has become less of a primordial institution because wars have ceased and ethics are derived from rational thoughts rather than superstitions. Pastors have lost a lot of power and importance yet they are not a fraud, they are people that are outdated and very conservative, but they are not deceivers. They play the role of ethical education for those who still have no rational education to understand which behaviors are good for society and which ones are not. Saying the religion is wrong, just because is misunderstanding human history in its most fundamental basis, without religion maybe we would not be here.

  • Kind of Hypocritical

    No, not all are frauds. The question itself being from a point of ultimacy, or a position of all or nothing, by the use of the word all tells plainly that this is a statement instead of question made from bias. What is it that makes you think this is so, if I may ask?

  • Ark200, get a life "my friend"

    Is it not ironic that someone who complains about all religions cherry picking their messages is actually cherry picking out religions that meet his description? In today's world there will always be those types of people, I don't know if you just had a bad experience but most TRULY religious people are not "selling" God but in fact spreading His message, and the same goes for all religions. If nothing else, read Matthew 7:21-23 and take comfort in the fact that people like yourself obviously have nothing to worry about, because clearly you're doing the will of God by trashing on all religions.

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